Zhostovo Painting Seminar

Zhostovo Painting Seminar

Our Head of Customer Service, Brenda Ericson, went and took a Zhostovo Painting Seminar with artist, Misha Lebedev…and here is what she had to say after returning:

Ferndale California March 12th – 17th

It was great fun!  Misha is a very patient teacher which is very helpful when I get frustrated with myself that I can’t make it look like I want it to.  He takes you step by step one layer of color at a time and it is fascinating how the first shapes change into beautiful flowers.  He comes to the U.S. for several weeks a year during his vacation break from teaching art at the University in Moscow.  He designs and then paints projects for classes he teaches while he is traveling around the Pacific Northwest.  My sister and I were lucky enough to hear about the classes in Ferndale this year and were able to attend.  We painted a Sewing Table that had many different flowers on the top and both legs.  Plus scroll work on everything including the box.  It took one day of prepping the piece and 4 days to paint. He does his pieces with DecoArt paint which makes it easy for us acrylic painters.  I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the original piece from Misha and I got pictures of him signing it and holding it.  It is so fun to be in a class with the different painters, everyone’s piece looked so good at the end.  Our host in Ferndale, Sue Tripp, arranged for us to paint in the Danish Hall where we had lots of room.  It also had a kitchen and they brought in lunch and snacks for us every day.   What could be better than painting and eating great food?

I will also attend his next class in Portland, Oregon when we will paint two different boxes.  They both have flowers and a bird but are different.  I can’t wait!
zhostovo Misha signing 2014 Misha 2014

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  1. Sandy,All of your paintings are just betiauful!I love looking at them. I like the video of your art room. You are so organized and what a stunning view out the windows you have.I hope that you and your family are well and in good health.Miss seeing you!Love,JenniferP.S.Do you do any paintings of dogs?

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