You’re the artist!

You’re the artist!

We use to have an operator in our Customer Service department who use to tell our customers  one specific thing if they had color questions or didn’t have a specific bottle of paint…”Honey, you’re the artist, you can make it any color you want it to be!” I think some of us get wrapped up into making a project look exactly like our inspirational piece or just like the original artist designed it, when in fact you are the artist every time you pick up your brush. So, if you don’t like the color scheme or need a color you don’t have, change it…find something close because remember the original design is not going to be sitting right next yours. Everything will turn out fine.

I love seeing all of the items that come through our office painted and I have my favorite artists that I enjoy painting, but sometimes a surface just tells me to be different, and I try to embrace that and the results are usually to my liking. One of my resent re-color ideas was to turn our resin Garden Welcome Stake into a raggedy doll with a patriotic look…this is more my style than the original design. I decided to let my creativity go and paint with my favorite colors, and I am very happy with the results. My raggedy doll will look great this spring and summer in a flower pot on my front porch.

PlantStakeReColor-_5 PlantStakeReColor-_6

So remember to embrace your inner artist and not be afraid to change the color of a project or paint a totally different design on that wood piece you have stashed away. You just might surprise yourself!

Happy Painting!

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