You can save a piece of resin if it has cracks and fillable holes…

You can save a piece of resin if it has cracks and fillable holes…

Painting on resin can be so much fun and I love how it looks when I am finished. Some pieces I shade and highlight, others I rub with antiquing medium for a completely different approach and look. One thing about resin is that sometimes there can be imperfections or cracks and even breaks that you might think aren’t fixable, but sometimes they can be fixed with a little creativity.

We received one of our Poinsettia Santas in and he had a huge crack and a hole in his elbow, but other than that, he was in great shape. I asked myself if he could be fixed and set out to find product that we had in our office to use to “save” this Santa from the garbage can. So, I ran a bead of white, craft glue along the crack and then smoothed it out with my fingers so that there was no distinct line. I let the glue dry really well, and then did the same process again to make sure that the crack was sealed. As for the hole in the elbow, I used DecoArt Snow Tex and worked a small amount in my fingers and started to fill the hole with the Snow Tex medium. I kept building it up and shaping it till the hole was filled. You want to make sure that you build it out and over the edges of the broken area so that it joins with the existing resin. Once the Snow Tex is completely dry, take a soft sanding pad and gently sand the Snow Tex until you have the desired look. It may not match completely texture wise, but it is a great way to save a piece of resin that you love. Once my Santa was painted, the imperfections seemed to disappear, and if you didn’t know it you probably wouldn’t even see the troublesome areas. I will admit; that sometimes resin can’t be repaired, but sometimes with a little glue, Snow Tex and a little patience, it can be.

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  1. I wish there were some resin pieces again. I miss the nativity set that have the free patterns by Lynne Deptula, and Judy Diephouse. Even adding a shepherd piece with a sheep would be great. I loved painting them and would like to do some more for family. Is there a chance you could get some all time favorites in again?
    Thank you for the tips on fixing resin. I dropped a piece and will try this.

  2. Sue if you havent tried painting on the resin yet I think you will really like it. I used to paint on ceramic years ago. They could not get the detail in the ceramic as they can get in the resin….it comes out so much better also it does not suck in the paint the way ceramic does. I think you should give it a try!

  3. That repair is so slight I doubt anyone would even notice. I have a probkem with a briken wicker bunny right now. I wish it was as easy as your repair. I had to order another one.

  4. I haven’t tried yet to paint on resin objects but reading this is a good thing too store away in my memory banks sometimes you an find thing in the discount bin just because of problems like this and knowing how to fix the problem is GREAT thank you