You are my Sunshine!

Once again, I was inspired by an idea I saw on Pinterest and my mind set to work. Unfortunately, my mind worked so quickly on this project that I forgot to take some progress photos along the way.

However, this project is fairly simple, all you need to be able to create this project, is sketch a half circle for your sun in the lower corner of your Basswood Country Round, draw some straight lines with a ruler for the sun’s rays…then choose some lettering fonts from your computer and print them out to fit the size of your surface and transfer them in place, or draw them on with a stencil. I chose to use the XL size of Basswood, but you could do this on any size or surface.

I chose to once again experiment with wood burning for the lettering, but if you would like, you could also paint the lettering on. Along with the lettering, I did a wood burnt outline for the sun and rays. I think it is going to take a bit more practice with my wood burning skills, but I did like how this project turned out.

Now time to add a little color…for the sun, I painted the lower part with Cadmium Yellow and then blended that into Bright Orange, and then into Cadmium Orange for the final color. Work quickly but carefully doing this, and add more water to blend if you are not happy with your blends…you want a gradual blend, no solid separation lines.

Finish with your favorite varnish.

I may just try this project again, but on a different surface…what a great gift this would make!

Happy Painting and Creating!

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