Wooden Firecrackers

Wooden Firecrackers

I love to paint and decorate with an Americana theme. All summer long and beyond, my house is filled with fun Americana and Fourth of July themed projects that I have painted, crafted, sewed, or even bought over the years. In fact my favorite colors are red and blue…imagine that. LOL
As I was cruising Pinterest, I saw many ideas for wooden firecrackers of all shapes and sizes and that got me thinking. I found that our Large Blocks – Set of (#62824) would be perfect for this idea. So, I picked four DecoArt Americana paint colors, Uniform Blue, Rookwood Red, Light Buttermilk, and Lamp Black. I painted one of the long blocks Rookwood Red, the other Light Buttermilk, and the smallest Uniform Blue. The largest block I decided would be my base and I painted it Lamp Black. You don’t have to use the colors I picked, you can choose your own favorites.
Using the Folk Art Layering Stencils – Star (#71927) I applied white stars to the blue block…I did tape off the stripes so that I wouldn’t get those accidentally stenciled on. For the Light Buttermilk block, I used the same stencil, but chose to also use a few of the stripes. Then for the Rookwood Red block, I dug through my stash of stencils to look for the largest star that I had that would fill the space and then added a smaller blue star to the center. This painted up so quickly and you can easily do whatever your creative mind decides for these blocks. You could even do one with stripes, or even trim one of the larger blocks to be a little bit shorter if you wanted too.

After all the paint was dry, I used Americana Sealer Finisher Matte Spray (#70836) to finish each block. I drilled a small hole in the top of each block so that I could glue some Jute (#80167) in place for the firecracker fuse. Position them on the base to where you would like them, and glue in place. I added a patriotic ribbon around the center for a fun touch and added some moss I had in my craft stash to glue to the base for a fun and rustic look. If you wanted to, you could even sand the edges of the blocks for a more rustic look before you varnish.

This project comes together in just a few short hours due to drying time. But it is fun and easy to make whether you are a beginner or not.

Happy Painting!

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