Wood Slice Ornament Ideas

Wood Slice Ornament Ideas

Every year, I give my kids new ornaments for Christmas, sometimes they are handmade, sometimes they are bought from a store. This year, I think my kids are going to get something homemade because I love our Birch and Basswood Country Round Ornaments. They are great for a variety of designs and techniques.

On the Birch Ornament, I did a little wood burning and painting. Being from Oregon, I printed an outline of the State of Oregon that I found online, sized it and traced it onto the ornament. Then with the wood burner, I followed the outline and then made an outline of a heart over where the city of Portland would be. I painted the heart solid with DecoArt Country Red…it was that simple and so much fun! You could easily do this with any state, just look up online for an outline and print it.

My second idea was inspired from Pinterest….just a fun and easy reindeer face. I sketched an oval for the nose and lines for the antlers, painted the nose with Country Red and a highlight swish at the top of the nose with Snow White, the eyes are dip dots of Lamp Black using the back end of a paint brush with a highlight dot of Snow White, and the antlers are Burnt Umber. There was no pattern needed, I just free handed the design and went to work.

Both of these ornaments are easy enough for the beginning painter and first time wood burner. You could even use wood burning for the reindeer…wood burn the antlers and the outline of the nose and then paint it in like we did with the heart. These ornaments have a wide range of design options, they could also become a snowman face, paint a Santa or penguin on them….just look through your painting books and make something happen…you never know what wonderful thing you could create!

Happy Painting!

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