Winter Whimsy Painting Frenzy

Winter Whimsy Painting Frenzy

Renee’s latest book, Winter Whimsy, is here  just in time for the craft show painting frenzy we’re all in the midst of.  What’s a quicker and better money maker than ornaments?  While customers are hesitant to buy 1 higher ticket item, they’ll buy 4 or 5 ornaments, thus spending more!  Gotta love that logic!
I always paint and sell lots of ornaments for the show I’ve participated in for over 30 years now.  They’re always a best seller, and return customers come looking for what might be new.
I loved Renee’s designs that are on the back cover of the book that she painted on the rusty tin ladles.  Since I didn’t have much time, I went looking for other options to paint the designs on.  I found some round ornaments (62619), and found that the designs fit with very little adjustment.  I’m thinking these will be a sell out!
Winter Whimsy is full of other great ornament designs.  Why not pick your favorites and get to painting!

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  1. The ornament I used for the Santas was something I found in my stash. It’s not something the Artist’s Club carries at this time.
    I often paint assembly line style – even if the pieces aren’t the same, they have like colors, I basecoat all at once. That way, all of a sudden, they’re all finished!

  2. Hello, What ornament did you use for the Santa? Is it available on Artist Club website? I see that the item #62619 is a round ornament. Thanks for your help.

  3. Ok, how do I speed up my painting? I am SO slow – it would take me weeks to get these done! I’m not kidding….