Where's Waldo Resin Figure

Where’s Waldo?

Where's Waldo Resin Figure

Our new spring resin is so cute I had to paint one of them ASAP! I chose to paint the adorable Bee with Flower Basket. I wanted to do a spin on the bee theme, so I chose to do a character known for wearing stripes from the book series Where’s Waldo? I had fun with this even though the end result wasn’t quite what I pictured. I think it looks more like Peter Griffin from Family guy than Waldo haha.


I used:

Bee with Flower Basket #80842

Round size 3/0 #20156

Filbert size 8 #20119

Americana Acrylic–Dark Chocolate #13065

Americana Acrylic–Espresso #13261

Americana Acrylic–Lamp (Ebony) Black #13067

Americana Acrylic–Natural Buff #13547

Americana Acrylic–Ocean Blue #13260

Americana Acrylic–Red Alert #13536

Americana Acrylic–White Wash #13002

Identi Pen Black #70830

Fine Sharpie (the black pen from set #70136 will also work)


First, I painted three coats of White Wash on the ground, head, wings, torso, and arms/hands. For the larger areas I used a Filbert size 8 brush and the smaller areas I used a Round size 3/0 brush (I used this same process of brush size for the entire paint job). Next, I painted the hands and face with Natural Buff, and the eyes with White Wash. I used Dark Chocolate for the bangs and basket. These were outlined with pen later on once everything dried.

Next, I used Espresso on the spade and boots. For the shirt and hat I used Red Alert to make stripes and then Ocean Blue to paint the jeans and flowers. After making sure that everything was dry I used an Identi Pen to draw the black lines, and filled in some of the harder to reach spots with a fine point sharpie. This was to give it a more cartoon-like appearance. In the end it does look cartoon-like, just not the cartoon I wanted haha.


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  1. Nevertheless – what you wanted and what you achieved – it is beautifull bee. We have little ceramic dwars on our garden which are waiting for a “spring refreshement”. I will use your pattern on red-white stripes: it is cute and a bit special – just like the dwarfs are.

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