What is Roc-Lon?

What is Roc-Lon?

Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Cloth began as a fabric used for roller shades for windows.  It has taken on a new life as a multi-use product for everything from banners to floor cloths; from scrapbooks to tote bags; and from wall hangings to pillows.  It is a great “fabric” surface, for painters, because it has NO PREP! Yes, I said “NO PREP” we all know how much we painters love not having to prep before starting a project that we’re all wound up about!  It comes ready to paint, can be cut with household scissors to any shape, and hold that shape without sewing or gluing!  So, it’s pretty much a perfect surface for painting.
Recently, Renee Mullins has used Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Cloth for all of the projects in her newest book, Mini Seasons, Vol. 3.  She has cut it to all different shapes, and has even sewn buttons onto the finished banners.
Roc-Lon holds the paints well, and can be varnished to give it a really nice finished look.  How about giving it a try and show us what you come up with?

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  1. @ Anne
    I’ve not experienced that problem. My suggestion would be to be sure it’s all dry, and then lay it out flat and put some heavy objects (like books) on the edges in the hopes that it will flatten out. It’s sort of like unstretched canvas, which will also curl on the edges a bit. Sorry not to have been more help.

  2. @Mary
    I would choose one of the DecoArt DuraClear varnishes – depending on the finish you like. That would make them easy to wipe off.

  3. When using RocLon for placemats; one states spills can be wiped off…..does that mean the finished product has been preserved with varnish or another type of sealer? If so, what is the best and safest sealer to use? Thanks

  4. I have used Roc-lon a LOT but mostly for inside banners & LOVE IT. A friend has made placemats with it & uses it every way—spills, watermarks, you name it…it wipes right up. Its so much easier to use than canvas for floor cloths (yes, it wears great). Can be cut to whatever shape or size you want with very tricky edges cut out. I suggest trying it. Lets face it….for around $6 you get 36×60 inches (numerous banners) to play with–how cheap is that??

  5. @Stephanie – thanks for letting us know – RocLon is such a new surface to many of us, it’s good to know that you’re pleased with the results.

  6. I have made several yard flags out of roc lon. The worst thing that has happened is that I had to revarnish (to bring out the colors and preserve) After two years year round in the elements in Michigan. They hold up very well and I even use washable fabric glue to make my flag pocket to go on the hanger. Love roc-lon.

  7. I have made flags for my store and they held up to weather changes well. I’m in RI where you can start the day in the teens and end the day in the 70’s some days. I have not found it will last forever, but you can get two years use out of a flag.

  8. @ Anne,
    I don’t have any first hand experience with the RocLon holding up outdoors. It’s more of a rubbery feeling product, and entirely different from canvas, so I would think you will not experience the mildew issue with them.
    Anyone else know?

  9. Can you tell me how Roc-Lon holds up if it’s out in the weather. I have made canvas garden flags for my yard before and had issues with them mildewing.