Sign that says Welcome Winter

Welcome (Winter)

Sign that says Welcome Winter

This is a quick and easy project to celebrate winter. I wanted to make a sign for my home that said something to guests, so I chose a simple “Welcome” just for that. For this craft project you only need a few supplies and a little time!


These are the materials that I used:


I started my project by coating the sign with a mix of Winter Blue and Titanium White to make a light blue color. Then I placed the stencil and used Deerfoot brushes to dab on the design using Titanium White paint. I have to admit that this was my first time using a brush to apply a stencil (I used spray paint previously) and you can tell! I started on the left side with the ‘W’ and I was too heavy handed with the paint. It ended up splotching and didn’t give the clean look that I was going for. I had to think for a few minutes about what to do after that. A great piece of advice I’ve gotten for art projects before is that “if you make a mistake, do it again”. So with that in mind, I thought my mistake kind of looked like snow, and so I decided to cover the rest of the design in snow too. I used the same Deerfoot brushes to add on the white snow in patches and concentrated at the bottom of the sign to make it look like snow was building up. Overall this project was quick (thanks to using a stencil) and fun to problem solve!

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