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If you’ve ever been on Pinterest you know that people planning weddings can’t get enough of chalkboard signs. They are EVERYWHERE. Signs that welcome guests, signs with jokes, hashtags for Instagram, etc. Whatever you want to say it always seems to look better on chalkboard!

Rewind to earlier this year when my sister asked me to create chalkboard signs for her wedding in July. I was really excited to go for it because I had never tried doing a DIY chalkboard design before. Like some of my other art projects my perfectionist side got the best of me and the project became a little complex. However, this post is not going to dwell on all of those details. Instead, I’m going to explain the easiest way to create custom chalkboard art.


The quick and easy version: chalkboard paint on wood using chalk markers for lettering

Chalkboard Paint – Deco 2 oz #13509 or you can use Clear Chalkboard Coating – 8 oz to turn any wall color or painted surface into a chalkboard (any medium to dark colored background will work well, it doesn’t have to be black!)

White Graphite Paper 18×36

Bistro Chisel Tip Chalk Marker – White #70277 and Bistro Fine Point Chalk Marker – White #70276

Almost any surface we carry in our signs category on our website will look great with chalkboard paint. Our Tabletop Sign and our Narrow Table Top Sign would be perfect since they don’t need to be propped up or hung.

Note: if you still want to use picture frames like I did you must use a primer on the glass first before applying the chalkboard paint: JoSonja Glass/Tile Primer


If you choose to paint one of our surfaces than the process is very simple. Sand the surface if desired and then apply two coats of the chalkboard paint. If you have a design picked out, transfer it with transfer paper. Then begin your lettering. I loved using the bistro chalk markers because they look like chalk when dry but there is zero mess and your beautiful design won’t smear.

If you like the look of the framed pictures than you will need to prep your surface by cleaning the picture frame glass with rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaner like Windex. Rinse it well. Then lightly sand the glass or use steel wool. Next, apply two thick coats of primer. Paint in one direction for the first coat and then the opposite direction for the second. After you’ve primed use two coats of the chalkboard paint. Then transfer your design and fill it in!





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