Weathered Wood Sign

We have all seen the amazing, fun and creative projects made from wooden pallets and unfinished wood on Pinterest. Our team member, Judy was inspired by a sign she saw at her local craft store. You can make a sign like Judy’s by refurbishing pallet wood, assembling unfinished wood or buying a pre-made sign. Our Square Grooved Board and Arched Wall Box would make great surfaces for this project too!

If you are using unfinished wood, lay your wood strips horizontally on your work area. Connect the boards with vertical pieces of scrap woods nailed to your wood strips. If your nail heads are showing you can cover them with a dot of acrylic paint. Sand your boards to your desired finish.

The next step is to paint your surface! We used Americana Décor Chalky Paint in Rustic as a basecoat. Allow to dry to the touch before adding a coat of Everlasting.

For a more rustic look, once paint it dry,  gently sand around the edges and on high parts of the boards until you can see Rustic peeking through.

Once your sign is painted, choose a design. Judy purchased her vinyl letters on Amazon but our stencils would be a great option also! If using stencils, place your design on your board and use our Paint pouncers to lightly apply paint over the stencil.

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