Veggie Gnomes with Patio Paint

I love these resin Vegetable Gnomes! They were so much fun to paint as their characters shown through with every brush stroke. To bring this trio to life, I chose to use DecoArt Patio Paint, that way they would be able to hold up better out in the garden this spring and summer.

Here is what you will need:
Vegetable Gnomes – Set of 3

DecoArt Patio Paint:
Vintage Rose
Grey Skies
Coral Sunset
Cloud White
Tango Blue
Wrought Iron Black
Geranium Red
Fern Green
Tuscan Red
Tiger Lilly Orange
Sweet Pea
Natural Tan Grout
Pinecone Brown
Woodland Brown
Hydrangea Blue
Clear Coat

Additional Supplies:
Papillon Highlighter Brushes
Papillon 10 Piece Resin Brush Set
Papillon Filbert Comb 1/2″
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

First, paint all three gnomes with a coat of Patio Paint Clear Coat. This will seal them and give them just a little extra durability. Once this is dry, paint all the faces, hands, and ears with Vintage Rose. Shade each face under the hat brim, along the side of the face, along the cheeks, under the nose, inside the mouth, in the eye creases, where the ears meet the beard, along the hands by the cuff of the shirt and down the groove of each finger with Coral Sunset. Add a little bit more Coral Sunset to make the cheeks nice and rosy. Eyes are Cloud White, irises are Tango Blue, pupils Wrought Iron Black. Each eye gets a highlight dot of Cloud White. Paint the eyebrows, beard, mustache, and hair with Grey Skies. When the base coat is dry, then use your Filbert Comb Brush with Cloud White, and stroke on some white hear and there to break up the grey color. Add a highlight dot to each cheek with Cloud White.

All hats and mushroom caps (the cuffs above the socks and shoes) are painted Tiger Lilly Orange and are highlighted with Marigold. The caps have dip dots of Wrought Iron Black. Sleeves, and socks (mushroom stems) are painted with Natural Tan Grout. Shoes are Woodland Brown. I chose to do one coat and left the strokes to show so that the shoes looked like worn leather.

Each sign are painted with Pinecone Brown, don’t worry about coverage, the rougher it looks, the more it looks like old wood. The post on the Apple Gnome is painted with Woodland Brown. I chose three fun says, “Peas Grow”, “Bless my Bloomers”, and “Garden of Weeden”…each of these I hand wrote and then lined with Wrought Iron Black.

The Apple Gnome is painted Tuscan Red and highlighted with Fuchsia. The leaf is painted with Fern Green.

Paint the Artichoke Gnome with Fern Green and highlighted with Sweet Pea and touches of Fuschia mixed with Sweet Pea.

The Strawberry Gnome is painted with Geranium Red and highlighted with Fuchsia. Paint the leaves with Fern Green.

When these three charming guys are all dry, apply a coat of Patio Paint Clear Coat. For the final touch, I like to spray with Triple Thick Varnish for extra shine and protection from the weather.

And there you go…now you have three adorable gnomes to join you in the garden this spring and summer.

Happy Painting!

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  1. Hi Jeri,
    We are currently sold out of the Patio Paint Clear Coat due to the sale…we should have more in around March 25th according to our inventory system.

  2. I do not find the Patio Paint Clear Coat on your website. If you don’t carry anymore has it been discontinued? If so, what do we use now?

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