Utilizing Inspiration: Recipe Box

Utilizing Inspiration: Recipe Box

As a beginner painter, I am always looking for inspiration for future projects that are not too intimidating. Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorite artists but I have always been too intimidated to paint projects in a similar style. After seeing their recipe box, I felt confident enough to mimic their signature paint style on my own recipe box! I wanted to pull stylistic inspiration from the Rifle Paper Co without completely copying it, in order to build some new paint skills I have not used before. Let’s get started!

Basecoat the box lid and 4 of the feet in DecoArt Americana Mint Julep Green. It took 2 coats to get a completely opaque coverage. Looking at the inspiration image, I sketched my design on the recipe box and lid with a pencil.

Line the branches in Burnt Sienna #13063 and allow that layer to dry. Basecoat the oranges and flowers with Canyon Orange #13238. Once dry shade with Georgia Clay #13017 and highlight with Orange Twist #13256. Basecoat the lemons with Bright Yellow #13227. Shade with Antique Gold #13009 and highlight with Pineapple #13006. Using a small brush, apply Evergreen #13082 to all the leaves. In order to add some dimension to the leaves, mix equal parts of Avocado #13052 and Antique Gold Deep #13146 and paint half of the leaves with this mixture.

The next step would be to paint the label. Basecoat the label rectangle in Natural Buff #13547. Use a thin and round brush, like a #10 shader, to paint the buds with Antique Gold Deep #13146. Once those are dry, paint the blossoms with Natural Buff #13547. Dip the end of a paint brush in Dusty Rose #13025 and dot the middle of each blossom. Repeat with Avocado #13052. Choose brushes with different thicknesses to dip the end in Warm White #13239 to make dots in varying sizes around the blossoms.

I lined the base of the recipe box and around the label with DecoArt Extreme Sheen 24K Gold #16077. The last step is to write “recipes” on your label. I used Evergreen #13082 and a 10/0 liner brush to write mine.

Overall, I love this project and am happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new paint style. I won’t be so hesitant to utilize inspiration now! How do you guys use inspiration in your projects? Let me know on on Facebook and the Clubhouse!

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