Patriotic Painting

United States Canvas

Once again for this project, my inspiration came from a project I saw on Pinterest, and thought it would be a fun project to use DecoArt’s Americana Premium Tube Acrylics with one of our 16″ x 20″ Stretched Canvases from the 2 Pack. This was a quick project that only used three paint colors and some tape. Well, and an outline of the United States that you can either take from a map of find the outline on the internet like I did…then you can size it to fit any size canvas you would like.

Here is what I used:

Americana Premium Tube Acrylics:
Pyrrole Red #14524
Phthalo Blue #14542

Americana Premium Tube Acrylic Mediums:
White Gesso #87436

Additional Supplies:
Americana Decor 2″ Flat Brush #28002
Papillon Round Size 5 #20162
Papillon 5/8″ Angular Shader #20112

The first thing I did, was I wanted to give the canvas a smooth covering so that my tape stuck to it better. So, I brushed on the White Gesso over the entire canvas. Let this dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Once the Gesso is dry, it is time to measure for your stripes. my canvas is 16″ x 20″, so my stripes are approx. 2″, giving you 8 stripes. However after I finished painting the red stripes, I realized that my first and last stripe should have been 1″ so that my canvas would start and finish with a red stripe…but oh well, I will remember to do that for the next one that I do. After making small marks, draw a light line across the canvas for each stripe. Tape off the stripes that you want to paint red. Make sure your tape is pressed securely along the line. Then paint each alternating stripe with Pyrrole Red. This took two coats, make sure to let the paint dry between coats. After the red stripes are finished, carefully remove the tape. If some paint seeped under the tape, you can easily touch that up with a little bit of Gesso. Let dry.

Transfer your outline of the United States onto the center of your canvas. Using Phthalo Blue, start filling in your shape. Use the small round brush for your tight spaces and the larger brush to fill in your larger area. Let the blue dry between coats. This took two to three coats to get the opaque look that I wanted.

These paints were fun to play with and I can’t wait to tackle another canvas project.

Happy Painting!

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