Traditional Santa

Traditional Santa

I love Santas and I love snowmen…and I have a huge collection of both at my house during the holiday season. My mantel is usually filled with Santas and Snowmen are usually scattered about my family room shelves. Each year, I seem to add new ones to both collections and I think the majority of my Christmas decor are items that I have painted.

Our Santa with Tree is a great piece to add to this collection and to my stash to sell at my upcoming Holiday Bazaar…so, I think I may be painting more than one…maybe one in a dark Christmas green…we shall see, but here he is decked out in a traditional red color scheme.

Here is what you will need:
Santa with Tree

DecoArt Americana:
Neutral Grey
Raw Sienna
Coral Rose
Snow White
Uniform Blue
Lamp Black
Light Buttermilk
Santa Red
Black Plum
Bleached Sand
Mink Tan
Hauser Dark Green
Honey Brown
Soft Black
Milk Chocolate

Americana Neons:
Fiery Red

Extreme Sheen:
24K Gold

Glamour Dust Glitter Paint:
Gold Glitz
Ice Crystal

I always start by painting Santa’s face…for me, once the face and beard are done, the rest comes easy. Paint Santa’s face and lip with Mocha. Shade under the hat brim and along the side of the face where it touches the hairline, lightly down the sides of the nose, and inside the eye sockets with Raw Sienna. Blush the cheeks and the tongue with Coral Rose. Paint the beard, mustache, and eyebrows with Neutral Grey. Using a Comb brush and Light Buttermilk, stroke in the beard, mustache, and eyebrows. Then add a few highlight strokes with Snow White.

Santa’s eyes are painted Snow White. When dry, add Uniform Blue for the iris of the eye. Then a touch of Lamp Black for the pupil. Add a highlight dot to each eye with Snow White.

Paint the hat, and coat with Santa Red. Shade above and below the belt, around all of the fur trim and above the fur brim of the hat, next to the ball of the hat, around the bag, and in the deep folds of the coat with Black Plum. Highlight the center of the hat and around the folds of the coat, center of the arms with Fiery Red. Santa’s belt is Lamp Black, buckle is 24K Gold. Boots are Lamp Black and highlighted with Neutral Grey. Mittens are Hauser Dark Green and shaded with Soft Black. Highlight the center of the mittens with Margarita. Paint the base with Snow White.

Fur on the hat and coat is painted with Bleached Sand. Shade where the fur touches the mitten, along where it touches the coat, on the hat brim close to the face, and on the collar along the hairline and around the ball of the hat, and where the ball touches the hat with Mink Tan. Highlight the fur with Snow White.

Santa’s bag is painted with Honey Brown. Shade the bag straps at each end, under the flap of the bag, around the mitten, and the top and bottom of the grooves of the side of the bag with Milk Chocolate. Highlight the center of the sides, straps, flap of the bag, and bottoms of the bag with Marigold.

Tree is Avocado. Shade under the snow drifts and branches with Hauser Dark Green. Highlight the tips of the branches with Margarita. Snow is Snow White. Star is 24K Gold. Trunk is Milk Chocolate. When the snow is dry, add a touch of Ice Crystal for a shimmering snow look. Paint Gold Glitz onto the star for a little extra holiday sparkle.

Finish with your favorite spray varnish.

Now Santa is ready to come and join you for the holiday season!

Happy Painting!

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