Tom the Turkey

Tom the Turkey


DecoArt Americana Acrylics
Baby Blue #13042
Burnt Sienna #13063
Canyon Orange #13238
Cashmere Beige #13091
Cocoa #13253
Cool White #13240
Deep Midnight Blue #13166
Dove Grey #13069
Georgia Clay #13017
Light Mocha #13241
Orange Twist #13256
Raw Sienna #13093
Salem Blue #13043
Soft Black #13155
Tuscan Red #13255
Whispering Turquoise #13537

Mr. Turkey #80819

Papillon by the Artist’s Club
Angular Shader, size 3/8” #20110; size 5/8” #20112
Shader, size 4 #20126; size 8 #20129; size 12 #20131
Round, size 3 #20159
Script Liner, size 6/0 #20138
Liner, size 10/0 #20145
Comb, size ¼” #20152
Highlighter Set #20173

DecoArt Metallic Lustre:
Gold Rush #14467
Orange Flicker #14473

Maxine Thomas Mop, size 3/8” #27182; ; size ½” #27179

The resin surface comes ready to paint. I usually wipe it off with a damp cloth, and if there should be any slight blemishes, sand lightly with a sanding pad. When basecoating resin, I generally apply 2 coats – allow the first to dry well before applying the second.

Basecoat the base with Soft Black. Dry brush with Dove Grey to add a stone effect.

Basecoat the rest of the piece as follows:

Canyon Orange – pumpkin

Cashmere Beige – turkey (all of him)

Deep Midnight Blue – hat

Tuscan Red – wattle

Orange Twist – beak; feet

Painting Instructions:
Shade both sides of each pumpkin section and the top and bottom of the pumpkin with Georgia Clay. Highlight the center of each pumpkin section with Orange Twist.

Shade the turkey around the bottom against the pumpkin, around the wings, on the wings and to separate the wing feathers, against the tail, on the back of the tail against the tail and to separate the rear tailfeathers, around the neck, under the hat, under the wattle and around the eyes with Cocoa. Highlight the open areas on the body, wings, backside and on the rear tailfeathers with Light Mocha. Fill in the eyes with Soft Black, outline the eyelids with Warm White and highlight the eyes with a small dot of Warm White. Shade the wattle at the top and to separate with Soft Black. Shade the beak under the wattle and the feet under the turkey with Burnt Sienna. Basecoat the ends of the feet with Soft Black. Shade the hat against the head and above and below the hatband with Soft Black. Drybrush highlights in the center of the hat and along the edge of the hat brim with Baby Blue. Shade the hatband on both sides of the buckle with Heritage Brick and then deepen with Soft Black. Basecoat the buckle with Dove Grey.

The front of the tail feathers will be painted one section at a time, beginning at the bottom. The method is the same, just the colors will change (refer to the color photos). So, basecoat with Deep Midnight Blue, the bottom section of feathers; the next section is done with thinned Whispering Turquoise; the next with thinned Orange Twist; and the top section with thinned Cashmere Beige. Shade the bottom of the bottom section of feathers with Soft Black; the bottom of the next section with Salem Blue; the bottom of the next section with Canyon Orange. Now, to highlight each section, again beginning at the bottom, and again, using the ¼” Comb. The bottom section is done with Baby Blue; the next section with Cool White; the next with Metallic Lustre Orange Flicker; and the top section with Metallic Lustre Gold Rush.

To add some shine, I highlighted the Turkey and Pumpkin with Metallic Lustre Gold Rush. I also added metallic accents to the wings and back of tail.

Finish with several coats of your favorite spray finish.

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