The Artist’s Club is Closing

The Artist’s Club is Closing

Unfortunately, due to changes in the tole painting market, we have decided to close the Artist’s Club. This was a difficult decision for our company, as the Artist’s Club was our original brand when we started 29 years ago. We hope that we can continue to serve and delight you over the next few months as we sell through our remaining paint, surfaces, books, patterns, and tools. We will continue to publish craft blog posts for a couple more weeks and hope that they will inspire you to go forth on your artistic journey.

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  1. I enjoyed the catalog and sending away for paints books, and free downloads. Sorry to see it end. It will be greatly missed.

  2. You’re the best! Can’t believe it! It’s like losing a near and dear friend. Take care and God Bless and to all my fellow tole painters, God Bless you too.

  3. I was so shocked to see you are closing. I haven’t been able to paint for a couple of years, so I needed some supplies.,Wow! Where will I go now. I was always so satisfied with you. I loved your projects. your paints, your brushes. Best of luck in the future. Keep us informed if you start a new adventure.

  4. So sorry you are closing! I’ve looked forward to getting your catalog and going thru and marking items I wanted. Prices were always great and customer service couldn’t have been more excellent! I started painting in 1986 and always enjoyed buying supplies from y’all. Will miss you! Already do!

  5. So very sorry to see you go. You were a good source to obtain what I ever needed for all my painting. And your prices were the most reasonable for good quality product. God hold you close in your next journey. However… HOPE to see you back 🤗

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your closing. You have been a source of great projects, learnings and opportunities for a creative outlet all with an economical approach . I wish you all the best in any future endeavors .

  7. As many of you stated I will also miss the Artist Club. The chance of getting books and projects are getting slimmer and slimmer. Thank you for MANY years of excellent service and quality of products.

  8. I’m so sorry that Artist’s Club is closing. I loved being able to buy the wood pieces to go with the painting instruction books on the same website. I will miss you.

  9. words can not express the feelings to see an old friend leave. i have learned so much from you guys please let us know if you pick up a new adventure we will sure go along for the ride. love connie long

  10. Hi I’m trying to locate Denise Guickleson. She made some lovely angels for me s few years ago. Can you provide her em address? Thank you

  11. I am so very sorry to see the Artists Club close. It has been a great source for me to find supplies and inspiration since I started painting many years ago. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You will be sorely missed by many!

  12. What can you do on a cold winter evening when you haven’t even got enough energy to paint? I pull out some of my copies of old Artist Club catalogs and leaf thru the pages to get inspired to paint again. Thanks for the memories!

  13. please supply me with where I can purchase unfinished wooden ornament like you had in your catalog.

  14. I learned a lot through your magazine and I loved the store. I love and use Papillion brushes so it truly hurts my heart. But thank you and wish you the best

  15. I’m so sorry ro hear of the closing of Artist’s Club. I can’t paint like I used to do but I knew I could find what I needed at Artist’s Club. The mail order and on line orders will be sorely misses.

  16. So Sad to hear of your closing, you will be miss by many of us painters on a budget. I’ve been ordering with you since 1996! I can understand your closing plus if your my age retirement isn’t what it’s cut out to be either.

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