The Artist’s Club is Closing

The Artist’s Club is Closing

Unfortunately, due to changes in the tole painting market, we have decided to close the Artist’s Club. This was a difficult decision for our company, as the Artist’s Club was our original brand when we started 29 years ago. We hope that we can continue to serve and delight you over the next few months as we sell through our remaining paint, surfaces, books, patterns, and tools. We will continue to publish craft blog posts for a couple more weeks and hope that they will inspire you to go forth on your artistic journey.

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  1. I have been painting for 47 years and when your catalog came I could hardly wait to go thru it. Now it is sad that this art is being put aside for the plain cold walls and grey décor in so many homes and that so many people will suffer for the modern designers ideas. I will miss all of your efforts and loved your resin pieces. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

  2. I have been ordering from Artist Club for over 15 years. I also buy supplies for my mom too. I am so sorry to see that you are closing. You will be missed. I also live in a rural area and it has always been a nice option to be able to order from you and have it delivered, especially for my mom as she is retired and will not make the 45 miles drive just to get paints, brushes or surfaces. Thank you for so many great years, ideas and service. I wish you the best of luck, success and happiness it whatever comes next for everyone.

  3. I loved getting your catalogs and ordering your painting items throughout the years. I have saved every catalog I have received. Will miss you very much!

  4. I am so sorry that the rumors are true. You really are closing. You gave me so many ideas, projects, paint and supplies for over 25 years. There are no wordsd to say how grateful I feel for all you have brought to my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. I have ordered from the Artist’s Club for years and always looked forward to their Christmas catalogs. I live in a small town with few stores and didn’t have to travel to get art supplies. I will miss you very, very much!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh wow. I discovered Artists’ Club shortly after I started painting, about 25 years ago. I’ve been away from my painting for around 15 years or so-life got in the way.
    I’m just thinking of taking it up again, so came to the site to see what all is new. I’m devastated! Artists’ Club was a constant inspiration to me for a lot of years. Thank you for being there, you will be sorely missed!

  7. When I began painting, you were there. Books by the ton have come from you to give me inspiration for many projects and ideas still grow. I understand the decision as I have seen the changes in purchasing of painted items. For the love of art, I will miss you, but the blogs will grow and ideas will come always. Thanks so much for the nudges, pushes, sparks and growth you have provided.

  8. I have ordered from you for years and years. I will miss you so much. I also love the resin . I also do ceramics. The bisque is similar to work with and can use same type of paint. I’ll keep watching to see if you open again. Good luck . Sandra

  9. I keep looking at the Artists Club site in the hopes of seeing that you’ve changed your minds and aren’t closing! So far no luck. I started painting your resin again last year and as my family will tell you it changed my life! I am so, so sorry that you have to close. If anyone can tell me of another place to order the resin please e-mail me at I had one woman get in touch with me so we are both waiting for another place online like the Artists Club.

    thank you, Teresa Cullnan

  10. I am so sorry to here you are closing I love painting your resin. I give them as gift to all my friends and enjoy painting the angle for them for there babies and weddings . I started painting your Santa’s will miss you. I don’t know of anywhere else you can get resin like yours and always got my paint you. Good luck in your future adventure.

  11. Thank you for your beautiful site. I will miss it very much. I have been painting for the last 15 years and all the paintings that I have done are on my walls in my home thanks to all the Artist in Artist Club who have shared their patterns over the year. I will miss this site very much.

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