The Artist’s Club is Closing

The Artist’s Club is Closing

Unfortunately, due to changes in the tole painting market, we have decided to close the Artist’s Club. This was a difficult decision for our company, as the Artist’s Club was our original brand when we started 29 years ago. We hope that we can continue to serve and delight you over the next few months as we sell through our remaining paint, surfaces, books, patterns, and tools. We will continue to publish craft blog posts for a couple more weeks and hope that they will inspire you to go forth on your artistic journey.

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  1. I have ordered lots of things and it has helped me in my painting.
    sad that it will no longer be here, god bless with your next steps in life.

  2. Artist Club has provided me with many books for making Christmas ornaments over the past 15 years. I will miss the inspiration you have provided more than you’ll ever know.

  3. Pendant toutes ces années, vous avez semé tant de joies et de bonheur, vous avez développé tellement de talents et de liens d’amitiés à travers votre passion que vous avez transmise à un nombre incalculable de personnes. Comment vous dire Merci pour ce travail de titan. Malgré nos 82 ans et nos efforts d’artisans, nous osons espérer que la relève se pointera pour continuer votre mission d’artistes engagés. Au nom de la communauté artistique mondiale nous nous permettons de vous dire, encore une fois, du fond du coeur, MERCI .Bonne route et bon vent, que le Grand Artiste vous accompagne dans vos futurs projets. Marguerite et Claude

  4. I am so sad you are closing, but I understand. You have been my go to for paint,brushes and projects for over 20 yrs. I find supplies and colors no one else carries in store. Thank you for all the years of service and products. You are an exceptional company!
    Good Luck!

  5. I’m stunned! You have always been my ‘go-to’ paint supplier. I always know that I can get the latest colors, and some great ideas and books from you! I feel like I’m being cut adrift!

  6. I have been a decorative painting teacher for 30 years and I have dealt with Artists Club for ages. I am so very sorry to hear that you are closing. My students and I all look so forward to your resin santas every year- we have been painting them for years! From wood, to resin, to brushes and books and all other supplies, you have always offered an amazing selection. I have never found another place that offers so much and where people are so helpful and nice. You will all be truly missed!

  7. I beg to differ. We are not a dying breed Sandy. Ask those of us who teach. I frequently had a wait list going. Look at the schools and what they aren’t teaching. I have parents frequently talking to me about painting with their kids. Happy to.
    I’m a One Stroke Certified Instructor. I’ve had people of all ages come paint with me. My students became friends. Students became friends.
    Look online. Check eBay. Look on Etsy. The Seasonal shows and Holiday Bazaars are booming.
    Artist’s Club closing? Very hard to believe…

  8. This is one of my favorite places to shop and where I can find things the craft stores DON’T have. I’m disappointed to see you go away. :` (

  9. I was disappointed and surprised when I received the current catalog and saw”Closing Sale”. I thought this must not mean what I think it means. You have such a good variety and carry many items not found in local stores. This is an end to another quality store. I hope you reconsider your decision. If not, I wish you all the best as you begin this new phase in your lives. Please know that you have made a positive contribution to the lives of many.

  10. I am so sad to hear of your decision to close. I’ve always loved your company. I’ve had changes in my schedule that prevent me from painting as much as I did in the past. But I always enjoyed browsing through the pamphlet and dreaming of future projects. Thank you for all you’ve done . I will truly miss your computer.

  11. I am another one of your customers that is saddened to hear of your decision to close. I agree with you that the current need and desire to paint by the younger generation is not there. In spite of trying to inspire and teach for our creativity to continue is extremely difficult. Electronic devices of instant gratification do not compare to creating with your hand and minds in sync. Stay open as long as you can feasibly. Best wishes and a heart felt Thank You for being there for us all these years.

  12. Hi, I am also asking you to reconsider. Is there a way for you to stay open? Have you thought of putting your merchandise in craft stores? Hobby lobby is a large craft store in this area and they don’t carry anything like what you have to offer. please consider this.

  13. This is the only place I find hard to find paint colors, free patterns, etc. I am going to be so sad. I am like the others can we change your mind about closing?

  14. I am so saddened by this. Artist’s Club has been an enjoyable and reliable resource for me for a number of years. I’ve always looked forward to your catalogues. I’m like a kid when they arrive. Hobby stores are selling less and less of the preferred supplies that you offer. Thank you for your commitment to your customers/artists and to the creative process. My best wishes and prayers as you dare to step into your next new challenge.

  15. I am so disappointed to hear this. As so many others have commented, you guys have been my go to paint place for 25+ years. It seems that there are still a lot of us out here. Please, please reconsider.

  16. Very Sad to hear that your closing.
    I love your items and being able to purchase from CANADA.
    You will be missed.

  17. So,so sad to hear that you are closing. I have been a customer for over 25 years! Artist’s Club is my go to place for paints, books, other supplies, and the wonderful free patterns! I could always find what I needed here, and received wonderful service!!!

  18. What can we do to convince you to change your mind? Look at all these comments bemoaning your closure. You just can’t leave us artists! Maybe we need a go fund me page? Love Love being your customer.

  19. Nooooo!! This is the only place I find painting surfaces, hard to find paint colors, free patterns, etc. I am devastated 😢

  20. I am heartbroken. I just ordered a piece last month and was going to order
    more when I got back from vacation which was today and I get the Closing Sale
    catalog. I have enjoyed Artist’s Club so much. I hope I can find another site
    out there like yours. Thank you for all the enjoyment over the years.

  21. Just learned of your closing, I’m so sad!! I have been a customer since the beginning, and always looked forward to your catalogs. I will miss you guys! I do understand that things are changing and your reason for closing, but know you are leaving many, many customers who will be very sad to see you go. You have been a wonderful company to deal with over the years and I will miss you tremendously! Thank you for your great service!

  22. So very sad you’re closing You have been my go to painting source for years! Where do you suggest we get our supplies in the future?😩😰😥😥😩 help us!

  23. I have ordered from The Artist Club longer than I can remember, in fact The Artist Club was my first internet order when PCs were still a novelty. I order several of the same resin figures and my 4 sisters and I paint them together. All of us love sharing the time and producing wonderful art together to enjoy through the seasons. They will be heartbroken to know The Artist Club will be no more.

  24. Very sad to hear you are closing. I live in a rural area and was always able to count on your inventory for selection, quality, and inspiration. Over the years you have just gotten better. Thanks for the many years of great service.

  25. I am heart broken. I’ve had bad health issues the past year. Ready to paint again. Don’t know what I’ll do now. I am in shock. Glad I signed in now before you’re totally gone. This was my one stop shop. I will miss you so much. Good Luck. Thank you for your years of providing all my painting needs. Love you guys & girls,
    KathyBrenneman 💜💜💜

  26. I’m so sad & sorry to see your closing. You have always done such an awesome job on everything from your easy to use website, supplies, customer service & the list goes on. I sure wish it didn’t come down to this! You will be terribly missed!!

  27. I am so sad to hear you are closing. You have been my go to site for nearly 30 years. Please try to find a way to reverse this decision and keep on being our best-ever art supplier. Good luck and bless all. You will be sorely missed.

  28. I am very sorry to hear this news, I will miss dealing with you. I realize the painting world has changed dramatically over the past several years and completely understand your position. If you ever ‘re-group’ please put the word out . Bet wishes to you all!

  29. NOOOOOOOOOOO! You are my “go to” for everything! I have trained all of my students to come to you! I just don’t know what I’m going to do now. Thank you for all the great service for so many years!

  30. So sorry to hear of your closing. I have always enjoyed products I got from you, great quality and prices.

  31. Is there a different business model that would work to keep you open for business. A subscription for your catalogs, online business only, etc.

  32. I am so sorry to hear of the Artist’s Club closing, what a let down. It is sad because if you turn to, we may have to pay more for our supplies. (Don’t misunderstand me, I love Amazon, but when it comes to artistic supplies, they are a little higher). The Artist Club will be missed.

  33. I am sincerely sad to hear that you are closing. I just found you guys a year ago and have had nothing but a good experience purchasing from you. Love your company and thank you for always having what I needed. Best wishes .

  34. I will certainly miss you as the local arts and craft stores don’t carry all of my needed products and new ideas, Have been a loyal customer for as long as I can remember (25-35 years). I HAVE NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST. Best wishes to you all in any new adventures you choose.

  35. I am so very sorry to see the Artists Club leaving us! I have grown to come to this site automatically when I need anything. I pray that the company owners and employees will be happy in their new “life” after closed doors. Thank you for your service to us for so many years!

  36. I have been painting for over 25 years and my friends and I still get together Tuesday nights to paint, socialize, drink tea and/or wine and basically have a great social evening. We have had many laughs and discussions while creating our personal pieces of art. Many of my projects end up in my closet as I just enjoy the art of tole painting and only do it for that purpose. If anyone asks me to paint something for them, it is a bonus. I live in Nova Scotia and while on vacation on the West Coast of Canada and the States, made a point of visiting your store. This was way back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s and it was like visiting Mecca (to me anyways) I still have the picture of me in front of your store. So thank you for being our “go to” source for tole painting supplies and patterns. We are a dying breed, but we all know that tole painting still exists in various disguises, especially around the holiday season.

    Now when we paint, we can reminisce about “remember when we used to shop from the Artist’s Club” sighhhhhhh…..

    Sandy Hickey and Mary, Lynnie P, Elaina, Sheila, Eileen and Jeanie.

  37. Can you please tell me where we can go to buy Christmas decorations to paint after you close. I had ordered from you for many years

  38. So sad to see you closing… you have been a very important source for many years of projects and happy painting

  39. 😭😭😭😢so sad resin and painting instructions are what I’ll miss the most

  40. Oh No Im so sorry Im new to Decorative Painters and have ordered Im really
    sorry your closing. Will miss you.

  41. Oh no! Where will we get the resin figures and the calendar refills?? I have been ordering from y’all for many years and I really hate seeing you close 😢😢😢
    Good luck and God bless whatever you do next. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!!!

  42. I am so disappointed to find out you are closing. I have been an avid customer for many years now. I buy all my resin figures from you and most of my paints, brushes, books and other paint supplies. My craft fair customers come to my booth to see the new snowmen every year. Thanks for offering so many wonderful projects and merchandise through the years. I will miss you.

  43. PLEASE Don’t Close!!! I love you guys!!! Like everyone else has said, “Where will we get your cute Resin Figurines!?” And all the other wonderful things you sell!!! When I get your catalog, almost every page is turned down for something I want! I’m Devastated!!! I will miss you dearly….Tole Painting will NEVER be the same!!!

  44. I learned tole painting in 1985! I taught classes myself for 20 years, and have ordered many books, packets, paint and wood during that time. Every time I received a catalog it was such a great, and my list of what items to order would grow longer! Thank your for encouraging my passion, and helping beginners learn the craft. I’m saving all of my painting supplies in hopes that this genre will be revived in a few years! Thank you!

  45. I was shocked to hear you’re leaving us. I think your site is the easiest one to order projects and paint from. You always have a great selection. I will miss you. 🙁

  46. I am so upset to hear you’re closing. I started painting your resin last year after not painting for years! I can not find another place who carry the resin figurines. Can anyone tell me of a place online who sells them online? I just feel devastated I was so looking forward to the new things this year. Please if anyone knows leave a message on the blog.

    Thank you, Teresa

  47. Thank you for supplying and having everything I’ve needed over the years! I am truly sad that this decision has been made, but I understand. The tole painting business has changed, but there are new and exciting things going on with pour painting and resin- perhaps you can stay and alter? Love your company- Best wishes for a wonderful life and a new door opening-

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