Sweet Summertime

Ok, I love Pinterest and can find so many creative ideas that I can adapt to my own projects so that I can create wonderful and fun projects for myself or to give to family and friends.

This summertime sign was quick and easy and painted up in no time at all, you could do this on a wide range of surfaces…I chose to use our Square Grooved Board. You will also only need four DecoArt Americana Paint colors: Irish Moss, Watermelon Slice, Snow White, and Lamp Black.

Sand your wood piece and wipe off the dust. With a large brush, I used 1″ Glaze Wash, load with Irish Moss and brush onto the lower section of your board, this does not have to be perfect because while the paint is still wet, wipe off your brush with a paper towel. Load Snow White onto the brush and start overlapping and painting a small section with Snow White. Wipe the paint out of your brush again, and load with Watermelon Slice and blend into the Snow White and then work your way up the board covering it completely.

When dry, it is time to add your words. I chose to use my own hand writing, but you can use stencils if you would like. With a pencil I used a cursive style writing for the upper section and the word “Sweet”, and then did a print version on the middle grooved section for the word “Summertime”. Once I was happy with that, I used a size 6 Round Brush and Snow White to go over my lettering.

After the lettering, is complete, it is time to add a few seeds to the lower portion of your sign. With your round brush and Lamp Black, make a slightly round bottom triangle to create the seeds, you can add as many as you would like, I chose to add 6 to fill the space nicely.

When all is dry, finish with your favorite varnish. I am still deciding whether I am putting a hanger on the back or if I am going to drill two holes at the top and add wire and ribbon…I just keep changing my mind.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick project!

Happy Painting!

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