String art of a ginkgo leaf

String Art: Ginkgo Leaf

String art of a ginkgo leaf

I love revisiting crafts from my childhood, and string art is no exception! This addictive craft is so satisfying to make. I chose to create a cool ginkgo leaf design that I saw in the awesome book DIY String Art (#38863) and I used soft, luxurious yarn by our sister company Knit Picks instead of regular string. I picked this yarn because the colors reminded me of fall and I liked the idea that my design would have multiple colors, just like real fall leaves.


The materials I used were:


To prep my surface I first used the amazing Americana Decor Wood Reclaim to flatten and seal down the little soft bits sticking up on the palette box. Then I painted it with our Chalky Finish Paint in the color Timeless. A pattern for the ginkgo leaf design is available in the book I mentioned. You can photocopy it and enlarge or reduce it to fit whatever surface you want. If reducing, be careful of how close your dots get. If the nails are too close together it can get tedious to string.

The easiest way to use the pattern is to put it on top of your surface and hammer a couple of nails through the dots on the paper and into the wood, securing the paper to your surface so that you can hammer in your nails through the rest of the dots (if you are particular about exactly where you want your design you could use push thumb tacks through some dots to hold it in place to begin with). You could also simply use tape to hold the pattern in place to start with, but you run the risk of removing your paint when you take it off.

I used needle-nose pliers to hold the nails steady as I worked. I found that it helped the nails look straighter and gave me more control. When you have finished hammering all the nails through the dots on the pattern (I’m sure my neighbors love me haha) you can start to string. This is when the magic happens! How you string is up to you. You can do it in a random fashion or have it more orderly. I chose to follow the design from the book and strung it kind of like a guitar, starting from the middle and working to towards one side, and then repeating the process on the opposite side. You can read step-by-step instructions of how to string it in the book. I recommend securing the knots you tie when starting to string your piece with superglue. You don’t want your pretty work to unravel!

In order to get the color change to happen like I wanted I had to make some alterations (you can skip this part if not using the same yarn as me). Because I don’t knit or crochet I didn’t realize that the change in color would be so gradual. So I had to unravel it to get to the part where it changes from yellow to brown. I did this for both sides working from the middle to the outside.

I had a lot of fun with this craft and I made two more string art pieces after this one, which you’ll hear about soon. Even the simplest designs can be transformed easily into artwork just by using nails and string. I hope you found this helpful and inspiring!



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