String art of a deer

String Art: Deer

String art of a deer

This was my third and final string art piece in my fall trio! I knew this design would be more challenging, so saved it last for that reason. If you need more detailed instructions on how to make string art for beginners check out my ginkgo leaf project, which is simpler. I got inspired by a deer design I saw in DIY String Art (#38863), but I thought that if I used the one from the book on the surface I chose there would be too much blank space. I went online and found a different clip art deer image that I liked that was longer. Like my other string art pieces I also used yarn from our sister company Knit Picks instead of regular string. I chose yarn that was a neutral gray color but has pretty little flecks of gold in it which goes well with the paint color I picked.


The materials I used were:

Note: I used the Alux yarn in the color Ash but I actually think this would piece would look awesome in the colors Coriander #27555 or Mist #27556 and using gold colored nails instead of silver. For the sake of my fall trio though, I chose colors that blended in with the rest.


To prep my surface I used the Americana Decor Wood Reclaim again before painting. You can use the image from the book I mentioned or find a different one online, or you can draw your own. If you are not using the pattern from the book I highly recommend drawing your dots on the outline of the pattern before you begin to hammer nails in (instead of just whinging it, which is what I learned the hard way). Be careful that you don’t place the dots too close together, because it will be harder to string. After you finish this step you’ll be all set to start hammering!

When finished hammering all your nails in you can begin to string it. I recommend using superglue to secure your knots. I started out by “outlining” the entire design with my string before starting on the the other parts. I quickly realized that the antlers of the pattern I chose are a little tight and close to the ears of the deer after outlining them. To make their shape clearly defined I chose to fill them in completely with the string, and only partially string the rest of the deer. Figuring out this approach is what made the design more complicated than the others. However, you can avoid this completely by simply following the pattern in the book!

Overall, I’m happy with how this final piece came out and completed my fall string art trio! I learned a lot in the process (some of it the hard way) but I came away with some very useful tips for this craft and I hope it helps you.



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