String art of a bear

String Art: Bear

String art of a bear

This was my second string art project and I had a lot of fun making it! I recommend reading about my ginkgo leaf project for more detailed instructions to this craft. I chose to create a cute bear design from the book DIY String Art (#38863) and used yarn from our sister company Knit Picks instead of regular string again. I kept my fall theme going and chose yarn that was mostly brown, but it also had blue parts to it which I thought would add some nice contrast.


The materials I used were:


To prep my surface I used the awesome Americana Decor Wood Reclaim again to seal everything down and then painted it. A pattern for the bear design is available in the book I mentioned above. In order to adjust the design you can photocopy it and enlarge or reduce it to fit whatever surface you want (just be careful of how close your dots get). Then its hammer time!

When finished hammering you can start to string. For this pattern I strung it in a somewhat random way. I recommend securing the knots you tie when starting to string your piece with superglue so that it doesn’t unravel. I think its helpful to start this piece by “tracing” an outline around the entire edge of the bear design with your string first. This is so that you don’t accidentally string across the gaps of the bear’s legs.

I chose to outline the bear with just the brown colored section of the yarn. Then after securing a knot I strung the rest of the piece using the sections of the yarn where the color changes from brown to blue. I tried to focus the blue yarn in one area (I thought it would be kind of funny to make it have a blue butt) but you can string it however you like.

This second string art project was really fun and I was already planning my next piece before I finished!



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