Patriotic Ducks

Star Spangled Ducks

These little ducks are just too cute, and it took me a little bit to decide how I was going to paint them. After having them sit and stare at me for a few days, I of course decided to give them a patriotic look. As if you couldn’t tell from early project posts, I love Americana, and display it all year long in my house. Plus after many spring and Easter themed projects, I was in the mood to get a jump start on summer and the Fourth of July.

I wanted this little duo to be quick and easy so that painters and crafters of all levels could paint them. With just some base coating and little bit of highlighting here and there, you too can have this duo to display in your home.

Here is what you will need:
Ducks – Set of 2

DecoArt Americana Acrylics:
Warm White
Uniform Blue
Saffron Yellow
Light Buttermilk
Country Red
Deep Midnight Blue
Dark Chjocolate
Lamp Black
French Grey Blue
Snow White
Neons Fiery Red
Extreme Sheen Metallics 24K Gold

Additional Supplies
Falling Stars Background Stencil
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray
Papillon 10 Piece Resin Brush Set
Papillon 5 Piece Deerfoot Set
Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set

Painting Instructions:
Duck Bodies – Warm White (eyes are Lamp Black with a highlight dot of Snow White)
Feet and Beaks – Saffron Yellow
Female Duck:
Hat, center of flowers, stripes on apron, and tie of apron – Country Red
Scarf, band on hat, field on apron, large flower – Uniform Blue
Small flower, stripes on apron – Light Buttermilk
Male Duck:
Shirt, hat tie, and hat band – Uniform Blue
Hat and scarf – Country Red
Bucket – Dark Chocolate, rope detail is Cocoa

To give them a little bit more depth, I chose to add a few highlights to bring them to life, yet keeping them simple.

Female Duck:
The first thing I did was paint the entire front of the apron with Light Buttermilk. Then once dry, I used a pencil to sketch on the blue field of the flag and measured the stripes out so that there would be four total stripes, two red and two white…these do not have to be perfect. Paint the blue field with Uniform Blue, red stripes are Country Red.

Now it is time to start highlighting: highlight all blue areas with French Grey Blue, red areas highlight with Neons Fiery Red, the only white areas you will highlight are on the flag and you will use Snow White. These highlights are just there to add a little bit more interest, so start light, you can always increase the intensity. Finally, on the apron, stencil a star onto the blue field with Light Buttermilk. Line around the field and the stripes with Lamp Black.

Male Duck:
Highlight all of the blue areas with French Grey Blue, on the shirt stencil the stars with Light Buttermilk. Buttons are 24K Gold. Next, highlight all the red areas with Neons Fiery Red.

And just like that, you are done. These are quick, fun, and easy to paint. Of course, if you want to add more detail you can, this is just a starting point, you are the painter and you can change anything that you want.

Happy Painting!

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  1. Hi Diane, These are so cute and I just happen to have another set of ducks! I am so, so, sorry that the Artists Club is closing. I started painting the resin last year again after some periods of bad health kept me from it. Can you tell me of another place to order them? I don’t want to give it up again!

    Thank you, Teresa Cullnan

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