Snowman Duo

Snowman Duo

Palette: DecoArt Americana
Antique White #13058
Bluegrass Green #13047
Black Plum #13172
Bleached Sand #13251
Hauser Medium Green #13132
Lamp Black #13067
Light Buttermilk #13164
Mint Julip green #13045
Persimmon #13516

Extreme Sheen Metallics
24K Gold #16077
Pearl #16074

Glamour Dust
Aqua #13604
Purple Princess #13597

Metallic Lustre
Polished Coral #14482

Surface: Resin Snowmen #80827

Misc. Supplies:
Americana Acrylic Sealer and Finisher Gloss Spray Varnish #70835

Brushes: Papillon by the Artist’s Club
3/8” Angular Shader #20110
½” Angular Shader #20111
5/8” Angular Shader #20112
Script Liner (SL) 18/0 #20136
10/0 Round #20145
#1 Round #20157
#2 Round #20158
#4 Round #20161
Glaze Wash 3/4” #20102
Highlighter Set #20173
Deerfoot Set #20167
Maxine’s Mop Brush 3/8” #27182
Use the brush that best fits the area to be painted.

This surface comes ready to paint, sand lightly to remove any rough edges. Wipe with a tack cloth prior to painting.

Let’s Paint the Snowmen:
Base the body, face, fur and snow with Antique White. Once dry, shade with Bleached Sand. Paint the body, face and snow with Pearl Extreme Sheen to add a sheen to the “snow”.

Dark Teal Coat, Gloves and Stocking Cap:
Base the teal areas with Bluegrass Green. Once dry, shade with Hauser Medium Green. Once dry, paint with 2 coats of Glamour Dust Aqua.

Light Teal Coat, Scarf, and Hat Band:
Base the coat, scarf and hat band with Mint Julep Green. Once dry, shade with Medium Hauser Green and highlight with Bleached Sand.

Gloves, Top Hat and Package:
Base these areas with Black Plum. Once dry, paint with 2 coats of Glamour Dust Purple Princess. Add details to the package with Mint Julep Green and Bluegrass Green.

Bird, scarf and gold details:
For all of the gold details, base coat with 24K Gold Extreme Sheen. This may take multiple coats to get full coverage.

Snowmen Details:
Base the carrot noses with Persimmon.
Dip dot the eyes with Lamp Black.
Add subtle rosy cheeks with Polished Coral.

Spray varnish and enjoy.

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