Snowman Candle Holder

Snowman Candle Holder

Our Traditional Candle Holder may soon be gone, but this snowman design could easily be painted on a wide range of candle holder shapes and sizes. You can change the shape of the eyes and nose, as well as change the color scheme to match the details of your candle holder. This painted up quickly and was so much fun.

Here is what you will need:
Traditional Candle Holder or Wooden candle holder of your choice

DecoArt Americana:
Country Red
Lamp Black
Deep Midnight Blue
Light Buttermilk
Snow White
Burnt Sienna

Torrid Orange

Identi Pen Black
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray

Stipple the middle section of the candle holder with Deep Midnight Blue. Let dry and then stipple again with Light Buttermilk. Let dry again. Then shade around the top of the middle section and around the bottom with Deep Midnight Blue. Lightly stipple over the middle section again with Snow White, making sure to lightly blend to soften the shadow lines. Paint the top of the candle holder Lamp Black. The base of the candle holder, alternate between Avocado and Country Red. The main portion of your candle holder is now done, so onto the face!

With your pencil, lightly sketch the nose into place…this is where you can have even more fun and let your creativity fly. Then lightly sketch ovals above the nose for his eyes. With Melon, scrub in some cheeks. Paint the nose with Persimmon, shade at the base of the nose with Burnt Sienna and highlight the tip with Torrid Orange. Eyes are Lamp Black. Lightly sketch a line in for the mouth going from cheek to cheek…I then used the Identi Pen and traced over my line for the mouth. Add eyelashes and outline the nose with the Identi Pen. With Snow White, add a highlight dot to each eye and on the cheeks. Using Lamp Black, add a small dot to the outside of each eye.

And, just like that, you are done! Now time to finish with your favorite varnish.

This project is great for bazzars or a last minute gift idea.

Happy Painting!


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