Seaside Family Figures

Seaside Family

As I was dreaming up some ideas for our staff blog and looking through our surfaces and ways to change them up…I came across our resin Seaside Family and thought, I think they need a fresh new look. So, I set out to create a color palette and a quick and easy pattern that painters and crafters of all levels could create. Pretty much if you can basecoat, you can paint this design, or if you feel creative you can add further details with shading and highlighting, or even a different color palette.

Here is what you will need:

Seaside Family #80663
DecoArt Americana Acrylics:
Antique White
Light Buttermilk
Lamp Black
Terra Coral
Snow White
Blue Mist
French Grey Blue
Sunny Day
Country Red
Dark Chocolate
Neutral Grey

Additional Supplies:
Papillon 10 Piece Resin Brush Set #20191
Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

The first thing I like to do is start with the face and hands…I seem to do this for all of my resin characters I paint. For me, it just helps bring them to life and gives them character right from the start. Paint the face, neck, and hands with Mocha. Blush the cheeks on with your highlighter brush and Terra Coral. Eyes are Snow White with a dot of Lamp Black and then a tiny dot of Snow White for a highlight. Add a small dot of Lamp Black to the lower outside corner of each eye. Mouths are lined with Lamp Black, Dad’s mouth is Lamp Black in the center and Terra Coral for the lips.

Then basecoat as follows:
Dark Chocolate – Hair and mustache.
Antique White – Dad’s shirt (strips and loops are Blue Mist, buttons are Lamp Black).
French Grey Blue – Dad’s pants (stripes are a wash of Light Buttermilk just in the grooves), main portion of Mom’s collar.
Light Buttermilk – Mom’s Dress (checkered details are Lamp Black), Dad’s hat, left sail on boat (stripes are French Grey Blue), boy’s shoes, life preserver (stripes are French Grey Blue).
Blue Mist – Mom’s Apron (dots and buttons and seam are Lamp Black).
Sunny Day – Hat and coat of boy (checks, buttons, and trim are Lamp Black).
Cocoa – Mom’s and Dad’s shoes (souls and laces are Lamp Black), boat.
Country Red – Left sail on boat (small squares are Light Buttermilk), souls and laces on boy’s shoes.
Pebble – Boy’s pants.

Go back and do any small touch ups that you want to do…then finish with your favorite varnish.

Happy Painting!

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