Santas don’t always have to wear red…

As I sat looking at the two 2015 resin Santas I had (sorry, these are all sold out), I just didn’t want to paint him red. I have a Santa collection at home, most of them are ones that I have painted over the years, and alot of them are dressed in various colors of red. I wanted something different for this guy, and knowing his textured jacket would be tough, I decided I was only going to dry brush highlights over the majority of the piece. After much thinking, I decided to paint him DecoArt Americana Black Green….and I loved it instantly! The dry brushing made the folds pop and he is sure to be a delightful piece to display with the rest of my Santas this season. So, remember, Santas don’t always have to be dressed in red…

Happy Painting!


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  • Sandra Barton wrote on 11/09/2015 5:25 pm

    Hi! Love the color on the Santa’s! That gives me some great ideas—why not paint Santa’s green/purple/etc???? Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great week! S. 🙂

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