Santa Pallet

Santa Pallet

This was a little bit of think outside the box project. Renee Mullins’ Santa Tweet Ornaments from her book “Winter Tweetings” #38631 are so adorable and I knew they would be perfect for this project! The patterns also fit without having to size down the pattern that is in the book, how great is that?!

Surface: 8” x 6” Lathe Wood Pallet Box #63103
Other Supplies: Winter Tweetings #38631, Christmas Curly Words Stencil #70857, Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

I think the hardest part of this project for me was deciding what color to paint the background. I finally decided on Uniform Blue and shaded around the outside with Deep Midnight Blue. The edges I painted Country Red following Renee’s color palette for the project. After that, I traced on my Santa pattern and set to work following Renee’s instructions within her book. I then took Snow White and stenciled the words Santa, and Ho Ho Ho onto the pallet using the Christmas Curly Words Stencil. When everything is dry, spray with varnish. You can leave as is, or even embellish it a bit with ribbon that wraps around the sides and finishes with a bow on the top…be creative and have fun!

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