Santa doesn’t always have to wear red

2017 Santa from the Artist's Club

Although the majority of the Santas in my collection at home are dressed in various shades of red, I do have a few that are in different jewel tones that make them stand out from the rest. I thought our 2017 Santa would be a great piece to paint in a rich, regal color that wasn’t red. I hope you enjoy his color scheme as much as I did when painting him.

DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallics:
Bronze #16081
DecoArt Hot Shots/Neons:
Fiery Red #18000
Santas Hat & Coat: Basecoat Prussian Blue, Shade Lamp Black, Highlight Uniform Blue
Mittens & Gown: Basecoat Blue Haven, Shade Midnite Blue, Highlight Blue Chiffon (When your basecoat is dry, stamp the gown using Midnite Blue, trim at bottom of the gown is also Midnite Blue)
Fur: Basecoat Light Buttermilk, Shade Antique White, Highlight Snow White
Face: Basecoat Fleshtone, Shade Shading Flesh, Cheeks are Antique Rose
Beard, Mustache, & Eyebrows: Basecoat Neutral Grey, Stroke Light Buttermilk with a Comb Brush followed by Snow White
Eyes: Basecoat sockets Snow White, followed by Uniform Blue, with a touch of Lamp Black and a highlight dot of Snow White
Bird: Basecoat Country Red, Shade Black Plum, Highlight Fiery Red (Eye is Lamp Black, Beak is Marigold)
Shoes: Basecoat Lamp Black, Highlight Neutral Grey
Tree: Basecoat Avocado, Shade Hauser Dark Green, Highlight Avocado Dip
Staff: Handle basecoat Lamp Black, Star basecoat Bronze (Swirl is Lamp Black)

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  1. What color did you do the belt on the robe? Painting this Santa now. I appreciate any info. Thank you so much1

  2. I love the blues! I wonder if you can email the colorscused and the photo to my email address?
    Thank you.

  3. Por favor podrían mandar los corréis en español???
    No los entiendo,,, y si puedo comprar, no se los precios.
    Un saludo…. Toñy

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