Santa doesn’t always have to be red.

Santa doesn’t always have to be red.

Santa is traditionally red and dont’t get me wrong, I love Santas all decked out in red, but for our 2018 Santa I wanted to do something a little different. I sat looking at my paints trying to decide, do I go for a green or blue color scheme…I just kept pulling colors out, and finally decided on blue!

This jolly fella has lots of detail, but I chose to do the majority of the shading and highlighting on Santa, and not focus on the smaller items in his bag.

So, let’s begin!

Here is what you will need:

2018 Santa

DecoArt Americana:
Antique White
Baby Blue
Uniform Blue
True Blue
Winter Blue
Light Buttermilk
Snow White
Honey Brown
Lamp Black
Raw Sienna
Midnite Blue
Milk Chocolate
Santa Red
Hauser Medium Green
Antique Maroon
Yellow Ochre
French Grey Blue

DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallic Paint
24K Gold

DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
Sizzling Red
Ice Crystal

Basecoat as follows:

Antique White – Pants
Baby Blue – Jacket
Mocha – Face
Uniform Blue – Cape and hood
Neutral Grey – Beard, mustache, hair, and eyebrow undercoat (Beard is stroked with a comb brush and Light Buttermilk and then again lightly with Snow White)
Lamp Black – Boots and belt, snowman hat and buttons
Espresso – Wooden staff
Buttermilk – Fur trim on coat and cape
Honey Brown – Bag
Light Buttermilk – Snowman and base
Avocado – Tree
Hauser Medium Green – Front package (ribbon is Santa Red)
Santa Red – Back package (bow is Snow White)
Persimmon – Basketball (lines on ball are Lamp Black) and snowman nose
Antique Maroon – Scarf on snowman

I always like to start with Santa’s face, that way he looks a bit more cheery as you finish the rest of him. Shade Santa’s face with Raw Sienna lightly around the outside, around the grooves of the nose and above and below the mustache. Eyes are painted Snow White, then paint a small section with Uniform Blue, add a Lamp Black pupil and a highlight dot of Snow White. Blush the cheeks and paint his tongue Melon. Add a highlight dot to both cheeks with Snow White.

Shade Santa’s coat with True Blue under the beard, above and below the belt, down the sides next to the cape, above the fur on the coat and next to fur trim on the arms. Highlight the center of the arms and main portion of the jacket with Winter Blue. For his cape and mittens, shade along the fur and around the bag, and in the folds with Midnite Blue. Highlight with French Grey Blue. The pants are shaded next to the jacket, above the boots and in the folds with Cocoa. Then highlight with Buttermilk. Boots are highlighted with Neutral Grey. Shade the fur trim with Yellow Ochre along where it touches the coat, cape, and bag. Highlight with Snow White down the center of the fur. I added a light touch of Marigold highlights to the wooden staff, this is just to give a little interest to it. Paint Santa’s buckle and buttons with 24K Gold.

Now for the bag, shade with Milk Chocolate along where the bag touches the cape and mitten, and in the folds. Highlight with Marigold. Highlight the tree with Margarita. Star is 24K Gold. Blush the snowman’s cheeks with Melon, mouth and eyes are Lamp Black. For a little extra touch, I added Emerald colored glitter paint to the tree and green package. Then I add Sizzling Red to the red package, and Ice Crystal to the snowman.

Finish with your favorite varnish.

Happy Painting!

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