Resin Pumpkin: 3 quick and easy projects

Resin Pumpkin: 3 quick and easy projects

Our team members have 3 quick and easy versions of our Resin Pumpkin for you! All 3 can easily be painted in an afternoon and would look absolutely adorable on your porch this Autumn.

Jack in a Hat

Bring on Autumn! Chilly nights, sweaters, pumpkins, rich fall colors, sitting by a cozy fire…yep, I love Fall! When August rolls around I honestly can’t wait for the weather to change and my mind starts creating projects to paint and craft for my favorite season of the year!

Inspired by our resin Tall Pumpkin #80824 and our 9” Paper Mache Witch’s Hat #40185, I chose to combine them for a fun adorable Jack-o-Lantern project. It is really easy to make and you only need a few supplies.

Here is what you will need:

DecoArt Americana Paint:
Avocado Dip
Black Green
Burnt Orange
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Lamp Black
Neutral Grey
Primary Yellow

DecoArt Neons:
Torrid Orange

Misc. Supplies:
Watercolor Paper #82067
Tags & Labels Stencil #71918
Jute #80167
Scrap of fabric for the bow
Hot Glue Gun
Fall leaves or berries from your local craft store
Identi Pen Black #70830
White Chalk Pencil #70200
Rusty Wire #70067
Rusted Star #70260

To start, basecoat the pumpkin Burnt Orange, this may take two coats. Then simply shade down the pumpkin’s grooves with Espresso and then highlight down the center of each section with Torrid Orange and a highlighter brush. If you want your highlights to really pop, let dry and add another application. Basecoat the stem with Avocado, shade where it meets the pumpkin with Black Green and highlight the top with Avocado Dip. For the face, I drew a standard Jack-o-Lantern face with a white chalk pencil and then filled the shapes in with Lamp Black. Erase any pencil lines that still show, then using a liner brush and Primary Yellow, just add a highlight line down the right side of each shape.

The witch’s hat is painted with Lamp Black and highlighted with Neutral Grey to give it a little more interest. Spray both pieces with varnish and let dry. For the tag, I traced one of the tag shapes from the stencil onto watercolor paper. Then I did a light wash over the tag with Burnt Umber and let it dry. After the tag was dry, I shaded the edges with Burnt Sienna. I then added the words “If the hat fits” onto the tag with the Identi Pen. When the tag is done, cut it out and punch a hole at the top. I wrapped a piece of scrap Halloween themed fabric that I had from my stash and glued it around the hat. I then used Jute to tie the tag to the bow. For added color I had found some small fall wired leaves in my stash of supplies at home and cut a few small strands from the roll and glued them in place behind the knot of the bow. The final touch is adding a little bit of rusty wire and a star to the top of the hat. I hot glued the star to the wire and then just poked the wire through the top of the hat.

I chose not to glue the hat to the pumpkin…instead I left them as two individual pieces that you can combine together or even use as two separate decorations. Whichever way you choose, this project was fun and quick to make and I may just have to make some more for family and friends.

Enjoy and Happy Fall!



Chalkboard Pumpkin

I have been seeing many pumpkins, real pumpkins, painted with chalkboard paint for fall….and thought, well, our resin Tall Pumpkin would be perfect for this and will last for years to come! I applied two coats of DecoArt Chalkboard Paint onto the body of the pumpkin making sure that each coat dried completely before adding another. The stem was then painted with DecoArt Extreme Sheen in Bronze. Once it is completely dry, your pumpkin is ready to be written on. When you are ready to change your message, wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth. You could even add a fabric bow to the stem for an added touch.

Have fun and Happy Fall Everyone!



Scarecrow Pumpkin

I love Autumn decorations, but steer clear of all things spooky! I loved our resin pumpkin, but wanted to paint a friendly design on it. I thought a scarecrow would make a cute pumpkin! This was such a fun project to paint, and could be modified to make other characters as well.

Here is what you will need:

DecoArt Americana Paint:

Burnt Orange
Burnt Sienna
Mint Julep
Moon Yellow
Prussian Blue
Snow White
True Ochre

DecoArt Metallic Lustre:  
Polished Coral

Misc. Supplies:
Hot Glue Gun 
Identi Pen 

Basecoat the pumpkin with DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Moon Yellow #13007 and the stem with Burnt Sienna #13063. Shade the pumpkin with True Ochre #13143 with a large shading brush. Shade the stem with Burnt Orange #13016 with a smaller shading brush. Highlight the pumpkin and stem both with Sand #13004. I wanted a dramatic highlight to emphasize the shape of the pumpkin so I went heavy with the highlighting.

Once dry, I drew the scarecrow face lightly with a pencil. The eyes are basecoated with Prussian Blue #13138 and detail painted with Mint Julep #13045 and Snow White #13001. The nose is painted with Persimmon #13516. I used a fluffy highlighting brush dipped in Polished Coral Metallic Lustre #14482 to add blush to her cheeks. I used thin layers to achieve a rosy but transparent effect. Using an identi pen, I drew her smile, adding hash marks across with the thin side of the pen.

For the hair, I glued strands of raffia around the stem with a hot glue gun. To add an extra cute touch, I made a large bow out of burlap to add to her hair and to cover some areas where you could see the hot glue.

Hope you all have a wonderful Fall! 🙂

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