Raggedy & Friends Winter Door Hanger

Raggedy & Friends Winter Door Hanger

Hi guys! I know it is only Fall but I am starting to get the Christmas crafting itch! After seeing Mary Jo Tuttle’s Mitten Ornaments from her new book Tuttle’s Touches Seasons 1, I fell in love with her Raggedy Ann! I have always had a warm spot on my heart for Raggedy Ann because she was my first sewing project as a child. It is a fun project full of nostalgia, which makes it extra special!

I used her pattern as written for the Santa mitten but used different colors for the snowman and a different surface for Raggedy Ann. The only extra products you will need besides what is listed in MaryJo’s pattern are the Mitten Plaque and Rustic Accents 22 Gauge Wire. For her hair, I used Tuff Puff yarn in Serrano  from our sister company KnitPicks.

For the Raggedy Ann, I enlarged Mary Jo’s pattern to 250% and followed her directions on basecoating, shading and highlighting. I painted snowflakes on her instead of using a star stencil to add a touch of Winter. I painted the Santa exactly as listed in her pattern. For the snowman, I used Bright Blue instead of Purple Cow and Cinnamon Drop instead of Spice Pink.

Using wire cutters and the Rustic Accents 22 Gauge Wire, I attached the 2 ornaments and Mitten top to the Large Raggedy Mitten. I can’t wait for Winter to come so I can hang this on my front door!

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