Quick Gift Idea

Quick Gift Idea

It seems to happen almost every year…you thought you had everything done and then you realize you need another gift for a party or even a holiday birthday. But, what should you do? Well, dig out some wood and lets make a quick and easy inspirational sign!

Not good at hand lettering, well don’t you worry, with just a stencil and an Identi Pen, you too can create wonderful hand lettering.

I chose to use our Long Breadboard, this piece is being discontinued so get yours before they are all gone. With a pencil and ruler, I drew a line from corner to corner at the top and at the bottom, then applied clear tape along the line so that I could stain the center of the board with DecoArt Oak Gel Stain. Once this is dry, I did a light sanding in the direction of the grain to remove any rough patches.

From the FolkArt Stencil Value Pack – Phrases, I used the stencil “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”..position this in the center of your stained area and then trace the words with a pencil. Once it is traced on, outline the letters with the Identi Pen, then fill the letters in with the thicker side of the pen. And just like that, you have a hand lettered sign.

Next tape off the stained areas so that you are ready to paint the bottom and the handle area of the board with Winter Blue. I did two coats, lightly sanding in between coats to make sure the area is nice and smooth. Once dry, I laid the Classic Quatrefoil Stencil over the handle area and then stenciled with Extreme Sheen Pearl (you can use any stencil of your choice for this as well). When that was dry, I stenciled the lower portion the same way. Once dry, I then used my Identi Pen to create dash lines where the stain and painted areas meet.

All it needs now is a coat of varnish and I will use DecoArt’s Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray. Then will most likely add a bow…I will have to dig through my stash and see what I have that will match.

Happy Holidays and Happy Painting!

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