Quick and Easy Turkey!

Quick and Easy Turkey!

I have painted our resin Mr. Turkey many different ways, but this time, I wanted to try using just one paint color and a little Metallic Lustre to mimic a larger turkey that I saw in Home Goods last Fall. This is a project that absolutely anyone can do with success!

All you will need is:

Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Everlasting
DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Burnished Brass
any paint brush
soft rag
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray

First paint the entire turkey in Everlasting. Let it dry and then decide if you would like to do a second coat. Once the turkey is covered the way you like him, it is time to grab your soft rag. Lightly touch your rag into the Burnished Brass and then gently start to rub it on the turkey here and there. This will accent all the carved details on him. Remember to start light, you can always add more Burnished Brass if you want to.

Once dry, spray with your favorite varnish. I chose to use a gloss for even more shine, but a matte varnish will work just as fine.

That is it! A quick project that even the most novice painter can do.

Have fun being creative!

Happy Fall, and happy painting!

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