Quick and Easy Santa Ornaments

Quick and Easy Santa Ornaments

I don’t know about any of you…but sometimes I really enjoy a quick and easy project that can be completed with minimal effort and time. You know, those times that you feel you have lost your inspiration and need something creative that isn’t too technical…this project is perfect for just that! Plus, you get three really cute Santa ornaments when you are done.

Here is what you will need:

Santa Ornaments – Set of 3

DecoArt Americana:
Snow White
Lamp Black
Light Buttermilk
Uniform Blue
Santa Red

DecoArt Glamour Dust Paint:
Sizzling Red
Sapphire Blue
Ice Crystal

DecoArt Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray

On these little guys, I decided to paint the rough textured fur and ball of the hats  with Light Buttermilk before anything else. When dry, paint the faces with Mocha. Blush the cheeks and the tip of each nose with Melon, if you want more rosy cheeks then let dry and repeat. Eyes are Lamp Black. Paint one hat Uniform Blue, one Avocado, and the last one Santa Red. Paint carefully as you come in contact with the fur…but don’t stress because you can always do touch-ups after everything is dry. Paint Santa’s eyebrows, mustache, and beard with Snow White. Add a small highlight stroke to the top of each nose and a highlight dot to each eye and cheek. Let everything dry and do any touch-ups that you want to do.

For the finishing touches and a little sparkle, paint the green hat with Emerald, blue hat with Sapphire Blue, and the red hat with Sizzling Red. Add a little Ice Crystal to the fur and ball of each hat.

Spray with your favorite varnish and enjoy!

Happy Painting!

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