Quick and easy ornaments

Quick and easy ornaments

It’s always great to have a wide variety of quick and easy projects to paint for the holiday season because you never know when you might need a last minute gift. I came up with two fun and easy designs on our Rusted Stars and our Rusted Snowflakes that are so easy to paint. I turned the star into a pumpkin (I was making a Halloween tree at home, so this was my inspiration for this project). The snowflake just screamed “paint a snowman face on me”, so I did. Both of these were painted with just a few supplies, and painted up in minutes. With just the Holiday, Glowing Colors and Fall DecoArt Paint Pot Sets, you too can create something fun and easy to enjoy for yourself or give as gifts this holiday season. So, grab a surface and let your imagination go, you may be surprised at what you come up with!

Happy Painting

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  1. Love Halloween! Never imagined painting a pumpkin face on a rusty tin star! Cannot wait to try that. Thanks.