Quick and Easy Christmas Countdown

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Do you realize it is only 63 days until Christmas?!?  And there is even a shorter distance until Bazaar season!

Well here is a quick and easy project for you.  I used our Tin Round Charger Plate with Stars (it’s only $4.80) to create this cute Christmas Countdown.  I am giving this one to my niece who counts down to Christmas all year long.  This will certainly help her give our family the reminder we need to not delay starting our projects.

I base painted the center of the charger with Forest Green.  I used a post-it note to cover the “chalkboard” area and then used Warm White and the Snowflake Background Stencil to add the snowflakes.  Then I added the letters in Tuscan Red.

Once dry, I used the Clear Chalkboard Coating over the whole surface. 

If you haven’t used this yet, it is great.  No longer are we tied to the basic chalkboard paint colors.  I love it!  You can even use it to turn your kitchen cabinets into chalkboards without changing the color.  It is brilliant stuff.  This is what takes the longest time.  You do need to use two coats one brushed on vertically and one brushed on horizontally; waiting an hour between each coat.  Then you need to let it cure for about 24 hours and then season it by rubbing chalk over the surface.  After that, you have erasable chalk board.  Brilliant!


  • Sharon wrote on 11/07/2013 7:50 am

    Would it be possible to get MaryJo’s painting instructions for The Thankfuls from 2009? I started this last year and have misplaced the instructions. I would be so “thankful” if this is possible.

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