Resin snowman holding a tree

Purple Snowman

Resin snowman holding a tree

I had my eye on our resin snowman surface for a while now because it reminds me of the beginning of December when it starts to get really cold and I get all excited to put my Christmas decorations up and get my fake (but cute) little tree out from storage. I chose some soft but fun colors that I thought looked nice together and I set to work. A large part of the fun for this type of craft is simply picking the colors and then whipping out the paint brushes. What’s great about our resin surfaces is that they are ready to paint—no sanding or priming needed!

These are DecoArt Americana Acrylic colors that I used: Warm White #13239, Pink Chiffon #13192, Wisteria #13211, Purple Cow #13262, Coral #13294, Celery Green #13208, Terra Cotta #13062, and Traditional Burnt Umber #13221.

I tried to keep this project super simple and didn’t get too fancy, as I usually get carried away with adding details. The only blending or mixing of colors was Pink Chiffon into Warm White on the apples of the cheeks, the hat trim near the face, and the ends of the scarf. The rest of the areas of the snowman are just flat colors (no shading or highlighting). Craft projects don’t have to be detailed to look good!

I hope you’re inspired to get painting and pick your own unique color palette!



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