Pumpkins aren’t just for Fall!

I am always trying to come up with new and creative ways to use surfaces that we sell, and sometimes, I really have to think outside the box. I love fall, and I love Americana designs…so, I thought, why not take our resin pumpkins and turn them into something fun for the Fourth of July.

After taking them out of the boxes, I say and looked at them and then made up a plan that anyone honestly can do. And the best thing about these pumpkins, they will last forever, they won’t mold or turn gross…LOL

Here are the DecoArt Americana Paint colors that I chose to use:
Uniform Blue
Brilliant Red (this is for the red stripes of the taller pumpkin)
Country Red (for the red stripes on the shorter pumpkin)
Light Buttermilk
For the shading and highlighting on the shorter pumpkin, I used the following colors:
Midnite Blue
French Grey Blue
Black Plum
Neons Fiery Red
Antique White
Snow White

Additional Supplies needed:
Tall Pumpkin
Identi Pen Black
Falling Stars Background Stencil (or the star stencil of your choice)
Red cord or ribbon for tall pumpkin details in the grooves (optional)

For the tall pumpkin, I let the pumpkin sections be my guide for the stripes, alternating Uniform Blue, Brilliant Red, Light Buttermilk. The stem is Uniform Blue. This took approx. two coats of each color for full coverage. I then used a star stencil and Light Buttermilk and stenciled stars onto the blue stripes.

For the shorter pumpkin, I chose two large sections for the blue field and then sketched out stripes to get two red and two white stripes. The blue field is Uniform Blue, red stripes are Country Red, and white stripes are Light Buttermilk. For this pumpkin, I did choose to add some shading and highlighting for more interest.

Shade the blue field all around the outside edges with Midnite Blue, Highlight the center with French Grey Blue. Shade the red stripes along the edge next to the white stripes with Black Plum, highlight the centers of the stripes with Neons Fiery Red. Shade the white stripes next to the red stripes with Antique White, highlight the centers of the stripes with Snow White. Stencil the stars with Snow White.

When the pumpkins are completely dry, I added a few details. Spray the taller pumpkin first with your favorite spray varnish. After that, I chose to add red metallic cord down each groove for a little extra bling. This also hides any imperfections in your painting where the colors touch. For the shorter flag pumpkin, I used the Identi Pen in black to add squiggle lines all around where the colors touch, including on the stars. Finish with your favorite spray varnish.

You can add patriotic bows to the stems for even more patriotic flare! How cute will these pumpkins look sitting on your front porch this Summer?

Remember, just because you see something one way, doesn’t mean that it can’t become something else with just a little imagination and creativity!

Happy Painting and Creating!

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