Plaid Pumpkins

Plaid Pumpkins

I love plaid, and I couldn’t resist giving our resin pumpkins a fun look for fall. Although, trying to figure out the placement was first tricky, and took me several attempts, I am happy with how these turned out. Feel free to do your own version or make the sections smaller for a more detailed plaid look.

For the black and grey pumpkin, I divided the vertical lines into four sections…roughly about 3″ apart. Painted those alternating Titanium White and Neutral Grey. The horizontal stripes are done free handed with a 1″ Glaze Wash Brush and Neutral Grey. Each grey stripe is roughly 1″ apart or close to that. You do not need to repaint the white stripes. Where the Neutral Grey stripes overlap each other, paint those sections Lamp Black. The stem is also painted Lamp Black.

This pumpkin isn’t perfect, but you get the idea….taping it off would be difficult and you can spend as much time as you would like measuring and painting as you would like. My plan is to finish this pumpkin with a fun black and white plaid bow, or if my husband has his way, some ribbon that says Oakland Raiders…LOL

Now for the orange plaid pumpkin, I divided this one into 6 sections vertically and alternated the colors with Titanium White and Jack O Lantern. These sections are roughly 2″ apart measured at the top of the pumpkin. The horizontal stripes are painted with Jack O Lantern and your 1″ Glaze Wash Brush again. I chose to eyeball these roughly again around 1″ to 2″ apart. Where the orange sections overlap, paint those areas with Georgia Clay.

Once the pumpkins were dry I used DecoArt Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray to give them a glossy look.

For the finishing touches to the orange plaid pumpkin, I added some silk leaves and a plaid bow that I had in my stash of craft supplies.

These pumpkins were fun, and a bit challenging, but I am pleased with how they turned out, I will probably give them another try to perfect my plaid painting skills.

Happy Painting and Crafting!


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