Patriotic Flip Flops

Patriotic Flip Flops

In the summer I live in flip flops and when I saw our wooden flip flops, I knew I had to paint them, but at first I was like, but how. Then my love for Americana came shinning through and I was off and painting.

You will only need a few paint colors for this project and they are:
DecoArt Americana
Calico Red
Deep Midnight Blue
Light Buttermilk
Antique White
Black Plum
Soft Black
Snow White
French Grey Blue
Hot Shots/Neons
Fiery Red

Other Supplies:
Ribbon (#80154)
Black Identi Pen (#70830)
Falling Stars Background Stencil (#71899)

First I divided the the flip flops up with 2″ stripes. I chose to tape them off for crisp lines. I started with painting the red stripes first, so I taped off those sections first and painted them Calico Red. When they were dry, I removed the tape and taped off to paint the light stripes. Once the tape is in place and secure I painted them with Light Buttermilk. Shade the outside of the red stripes and the center seam with Black Plum and highlight the center with Fiery Red. Shade the outside of the light stripes and down the center seam with Antique White, highlight the center with Snow White.

Paint the straps with Deep Midnight Blue. Shade the ends of the straps and where they over lap with Soft Black, highlight the center of the straps with French Grey Blue. Stencil stars with Light Buttermilk.

Instead of using a stencil for the lettering. I chose two fonts on my computer and printed the saying out to the size that would best fit the stripes. Then I traced them on and first outlined the letters with the Identi Pen and then filled in the letters with the pen as well. You can do this saying, your family name, or even another saying…the choice is yours.

Once everything is dry, finish with your favorite varnish. I chose to drill two holes and then added wire for easy hanging. Then for an extra touch, I added some patriotic ribbon that was in my stash.

There you have it, a fun and quick patriotic project that would look great hanging on your front door.

Happy Painting!

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