Patriotic Decorative Shelf

Patriotic Decorative Shelf

I am sure you will all figure out from a lot of these upcoming posts that Americana and Patriotic designs are a favorite of mine. But there are so many fun and easy projects that you can create to use in your home for the Fourth of July or for everyday. I tend to have more Americana items on display all year long, and some that are a little more Fourth of July themed that stay up all summer long. My craft room is even decked out in Americana colors and accessories and I think that is where this shelf will end up!

This shelf came together quickly and with Minimal paint colors too. All you will need is our Decorative Shelf (#62670), Assorted Wood Stars (#63102), Falling Stars Background Stencil (#71899), and an Identi Pen Black (#70830). As well as the following paint DecoArt Americana paint colors: Light Buttermilk (#13164), Antique White (#13058), Snow White (#13001), Rookwood Red (#13097), Black Plum (#13172), Williamsburg Blue (#13040), Deep Midnight Blue (#13166), Winter Blue (#13190), and Neons Fiery Red (#18000).

I measured the top portion of the shelf and divided it evenly to that I could have two red stripes and two white stripes. You could divide it to have three stripes, it is pretty much your decision. The blue field of the shelf I made large enough to fit the largest wood star from the assortment of wood stars that I had. After that, the rest is pretty much easy to do.

Tape off the section next to the blue field, paint this section with Williamsburg Blue, shade around the edges with Deep Midnight Blue, highlight the center with Winter Blue. Paint the shelf area the same way as the blue field. Let dry. Then stencil the stars with Light Buttermilk.

For the stripes, tape off the area of the blue field, then tape off your sections for the light stripes. Paint the light stripes with Light Buttermilk. This may take two coats. Let dry. Once dry, remove tape and tape off the sections to paint the red stripes. Paint the red stripes with Rookwood Red. Let dry and remove tape. Once your stripes are dry, shade the light stripes with Antique White at the left and right sides of the stripes, highlight the center with Snow White. Shade the red stripes with Black Plum at the left and right side edges of the stripes, highlight the center with Fiery Red.

The sides of the shelf and the pegs are painted Rookwood Red. The lower portion of the shelf is painted Light Buttermilk.

Paint the wood star with Light Buttermilk, shade around the outside edges with Antique White, highlight the center with Snow White.

Once the paint is dry, I used the Identi Pen to make some wiggly outlines around the edge of the star and along the edges of the stripes. Then glue your wooden star in place on the blue field. Finish with your favorite varnish.

There you have it…a fun and easy Americana shelf you can enjoy all year long!

Happy Painting!

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