Patriotic Chicken Birdhouse

Patriotic Chicken Birdhouse

When we were picking resin surfaces for 2013, I fell in love with the chicken birdhouse. There were so many choices and color options that you could do with it, and I know it would look great on my front porch or hanging on my back deck. I love red, white, and blue color palettes; in fact my house has those colors in practically every room with splashes of yellow here and there, so when it came to painting my chicken birdhouse, a patriotic color palette was a must. It was so simple to do and painted up quickly! With just a few colors it came to life and I couldn’t be happier with it! Once I get my deck in order for spring and summer, I think it might find a home outdoors, or maybe hanging in my kitchen window; we will see.
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  1. Judy, you can purchase the unpainted resin piece on the Artist’s Club web site. In the blog post above, if you click on the words chicken birdhouse that are underlined and appear in green, it will take you to the surface. As for the design, there is no instructions, it was painted as inspiration, so feel free to paint it in your favorite red and blue colors. Thanks, Diane

  2. Where can I get this chicken? I usually don’t care for chickens but I think I would love making this.

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