Patio Paint Garden Statue Redo

Patio Paint Garden Statue Redo

Do your garden statues need to be freshened up a bit? If they are like some of ours, they are in need of a fresh coat of paint, one of ours in particular!

When both of our boys finished 8th grade, we planted a tree for both of them in separate gardens in our backyard and they have added statues and such to decorate their gardens. My youngest son, Cameron, picked out an adorable black bear wearing blue overalls for his garden and after just three years in the garden we noticed this year that he really needed some new paint.

So, I brought him inside and washed him in the kitchen sink and got all of the loose paint off and then let him dry for about 24 to 48 hours before I started to work on him. I chose to use DecoArt Patio Paint to bring him back to life and all my son asked was to try and match the original colors.

The first thing I did, was give him a good coat, or two of the Patio Paint Clear Coat. I did this just for a little extra sealer and protection before painting. I then chose my colors and set to work.

Every color I did at least two coats on, some I thought needed three to cover the original paint. I chose to shade and highlight the overalls just for added detail, but other areas I chose not to shade or highlight at all.

When I was happy with the coverage of all the areas, I let the statue dry for 24 hours and then I did two coats of the Patio Paint Clear Coat again. Then to for more durability, I sprayed him with DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. It gave him a shiny look, but I really wanted him to have a little bit more protection.

Once he was good and dry, we took him back out to his place in the garden where he stands waiting for the garden flowers to bloom around him.

My son’s smile said it all…I don’t think he thought he would turn out as good as he did…he really needs to have a little more faith in his mom…LOL

So, if you want to give new life to your garden statues and figurines, I recommend giving DecoArt Patio Paint a try. I think you will be pleased with all of the results.

Happy Spring and Happy Painting!

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