Painting with Lori Cagle

I was born in Washington State, grew up in the south, graduated high school in western N.C., went to school in California, moved to Washington State again twice and back to N.C. twice!!! Wow! Am I that old?? Maybe, but I’ve had a wonderful time! I have been painting and designing  for 25 years . Started out as a hobby to do after my sons went to bed, more for just quiet time and relaxation, but I found myself so excited about designing my own patterns and going to craft shows that it has become a life time passion. There’s nothing better than settling down in my painting shed with a movie or music and just painting the night away, after working for 10 hours!
We live in the mountains of North Carolina and when I’m not working or painting, there is always something fun to do. Between my family and my Girl Scout troops we do a lot of kayaking on the lakes, hiking  and camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, whitewater rafting, caving (my daughters favorite), backpacking and just enjoying the outdoors. Our little farm is home to our two dogs, two cats and a Paint horse, with chickens and sheep coming soon. Oh, and a donkey! We do a lot of gardening and canning during the summer and I want to learn how to spin and knit. My family thinks I’m nuts but that’s ok.
I love painting whimsical animals and holiday projects with lots of color. Bright and cheery! It makes me smile and that’s what I would like it to do for others who paint my projects. My latest book, The Mooseberry Patch-Fall and Holly Days, is a collection of holiday cheer and fun.
So, smile and paint everyone!

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