Painting can be portable

Painting can be portable

Okay, I know it is only July and my Christmas bazaar is the beginning of November, but I seem to have hit a panic mode. After selling most of my stock last year, I have many empty bins that need to be filled, and lots of unpainted surfaces waiting to come to life. My only dilemma, TIME! With two busy boys, a house, a job and a yard, the summer months, which should be my painting months are filled with everything else but painting. My oldest son is a competitive swimmer, so on weekends we sit at swimming pools all over the state, and between his races, there is a lot of downtime. I try having books and magazines to read, but for his last meet, I took old painting magazines that I have had pages marked for years and my tracing paper and between races, I got to sit outside in the sun and trace some of the designs I am looking forward to painting. That at least made me feel like I was accomplishing something, I still have many more patterns to trace, but at least that is a start.

I was watching my son do this:

But between his races, I am doing this:

Happy Painting!

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  1. A lot can be accomplished in-between the “main events” of our days. I had not thought of tracing patterns. Mostly I read – but you have given me an idea. Thanks.