Paint your Paint Rack Carrier

We have a great design for our Paint Rack Carrier.  Julie Polderdyke has a free download pattern for the extra cute “Brushes & Bubbles” design.  You’ll notice that Julie has painted the inside of the carrier white – no, she didn’t get her brush in there to do the job, she sprayed the inside area with white spray paint from a local discount store.
The Paint Rack Carrier holds 81 of your favorite paints – mine holds the ones I use most often, and I have them arranged by color so that I can just grab the right color and go!  And, if you need more than 81 colors in front of you, the Paint Rack Carriers look great placed side by side, or if you turn the handles to the side, they’ll also stack!
Take a look at Julie’s cute design, as well as the other 14 new free downloads under projects on the Artist’s Club web site.

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