Paint Pouring!

Paint Pouring!

One of our customer service reps, tried paint pouring for the first time…here is what she said:

This pouring experience was fun and addicting.

The materials we used were gloves, acrylic paint, pouring medium, a 6’’x 6’’ and 8″ x 6″ wood pallet box and a topcoat. We started with putting a ¼ cup of pouring medium into a plastic cup then adding various colors of acrylic paints in there along with it. Gently and slowly spinning the cup at a fifteen degree angle you will notice the colors twisting and mixing with one another.  Our best advice is to eyeball it and spin the cup until you are satisfied with your color mixture.  Once you are ready to pour your mixture on to your chosen surface, you can choose a technique for pouring.  We were able to try two pouring techniques.

The first being is to simply pour the paint on to your canvas and proceed to tilt and move your canvas until it is fully covered.  The other is to quickly but carefully place the cup upside down on your canvas and slowly lift the now empty cup away from the initial spot.  After your beautiful blob of mixture has spread out on your canvas you are able to pick it up and tilt it in multiple directions until the canvas is fully covered.  Once you are happy with your new creation you can let it dry for twenty-four hours.

Last but not least, add your topcoat in the same fashion that you did with your paint.  Once your surface has been coated to your liking, place it on a drying rack.  We highly recommend doing this fun project with a friend as a pair of extra hands can come in handy because this can get messy.


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